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    Are LFC in trouble again?

    Not one for rumours and wear Lfc on my heart but, I have a friend who mixes with finance directors and board directors etc, anyway we sat watching the transfer news and he told me that LFC are in financial trouble with at least one board member taking his money out and stating that LFC IS FOR SALE a rumour that was hushed before.
    The yanks would be quite happy to sell if they found a buyer. Now the person who told me is not one for spreading rumours or idle gossip so I am worried for LFC and after the tranfer debacle it seems to reinforce the fact that we could not afford to pay £6m for Dempsey, instead tried to offer players etc with 3m, it seems we are trying to reduce our wage bill asap.

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    • Seems more than likely, given that the intended purchase was a US player, who would have probably have generated a certain amount in shirt sales in the States alone, perhaps covering the outlay FSG were prepared to make and wages? Not a penny more, though...
      It was certainly a sobering and disappointing start to the season, made even more so by the speed with which 2 Red old boys scored for West Ham today. Given that the deadline didn't bring us a 'goal scorer', why Carroll was allowed to go is a mystery. Where's our aerial threat/ballholding up front?
      Just have a gut feeling that Brendan's a cheap option who might work and will kow-tow for a long term position, finding players from a player-sales generated income. Martinez was the real option for ideas and spirit, but he wants the board to love him too. Maybe he could see what was about to happen at Anfield, which might just be groomed for mediocrity, but a sound balance sheet and a quick sale...but if there's the chance of a rich buyer further down the line, who loves LFC and wants the glory days back, it could be that we have to take the thrifty medicine for now and pray that FSG do want to off-load us sooner rather than later. Just wish Moores had looked East, rather than West, a few years ago. Hindsight, eh?

    • Well lets not forget FSG is a group of partners.. Like a cog in a clock.. If one of the cogs goes the clock begins to fail..

      So maybe Henry might be thinking of selling?

      What we need is a sole buyer not a group unless they're rich family?

      Would DiC or another arab outfit be possible? I'd have no problem with arabs taking over.. Especially if they're mega rich.. Cash in point Man City.. Who took a humble team and made them league champions.

      Would any true fan begrudge us the chance to see the best players in the world gracing the colours of LFC?

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      • redrob...Ive ben saying this for weeks nowand getting a degree of abuse for doing so from certain regulars on this board. I have NO CONTACTS whatsoever within LFC or the owners BUT it doesnt take a genius to read between the lines where this FSG outfit are concerned and sus out their intent. They bought in cheap and ploughed some group money in last yr in an ignorant attempt to buy major success QUICK then get the product out into the market place with one or two nice juicy commercial deal attachments and ...VOILA BIG PROFITS in the sell-on after just one season of ownership...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! BUT didnt work out so now gut the playing staff brutally prune the wages bill play hard ball on any prospective buy-ins on both fee and wages and still try to punt the product to render a lesser profit but neverthless a profit all the same and for these guys thats THE NAME OF THE GAME SPORT !