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  • BradGuy BradGuy Sep 1, 2012 10:15 Flag

    FSG's logic explained.

    They believe that a football player is simply an asset with a useful life and a RESALE value - like a car for example.

    I've emphasised the word RESALE because this idea seems of the utmost importance to FSG business logic.

    For them, spending 15-35 M on a fresh young player with potential makes more sense than spending 6-8 M on well a established, EPL proven talent aged over 28 simply because the youngster has a RESALE value.

    They believe so strongly in the idea of buying players with RESALE value that they may even accept to overpay for a youngster.

    This logic is appropriate when applied to assets like cars. You would obviously accept to pay a high price for a new car with the knowledge that you'll get a reasonable price if you sell it early enough and before it becomes totally worthless.

    This is exactly how FSG thinks. They want a RESALE value for whatever they buy.

    They must be the only owners in the world of football which operates with this logic.

    I bet that they would have come up with the 7 mil without a blink if BR wanted to buy a 22 year old unproven goalscorer instead of the 29 year old Dempsey?

    I don't for one second believe that they didn't have the 7m required. The problem for them is that Dempsey has no RESALE value.

    The interesting question to be asked now is did they buy LFC with a RESALE value in mind?

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    • brad...did they buy LFC with a resale value in mind...is the Pope Catholic ? Does a bear sh** in the woods ? These are Yanks business men they arent and never have been supporters fans of LFC the only thing they are fans of is profit and btw u are absolutely correct in u assumption about buying in young players with resale value its how the draft sytem operates in American major league sports and their isnt an owner in major league sports who didnt buy his sports franchise club with anything but ultimate sell on profit in mind.

    • I'm in no doubt at all now..

      That FSG will be putting LFC on the market soon..

      We've won a cup and we've a better brand worldwide since the 2 oil thieves were here ..
      So with making deals with partners has lead me to the conclusion it was to put us in the shop window once more.. Yet we'll have more appeal due to the partners attached to LFC..

      Therefore FSG will get their money back and more..

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      • armchair...u starting to talk a lot of good common sense these days...been saying for weeks myself that this was the intention of these owners...there just isnt any way they can lose money overallmon their investment right now they can make money lets hope for a change of owner soon and hope this time its third time lucky and NO YANKS !

      • FSG's judgement is getting clouded by the sell-on value nonsense and this will handicap Liverpool massively in all their future transfer dealings.

        Liverpool will miss out on many talented footballers only because they are on the wrong side of 25 years of age while still buying youngsters at inflated prices because the latter have sell-on values.

        Football clubs who want to win things don't buy players with a view of selling them in the future. They go and buy the best players they can afford and at the prevailing market value.

        They don't care if they can sell the players later on or not. What they care about is getting value for money now. This is what all clubs do, even those with limited budgets like Everton.