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  • Paddy Paddy Sep 1, 2012 13:56 Flag

    Michael Owen

    Saw this quote from BR prior to the window closing ...

    "We're hopeful. There are obviously a lot of people upstairs who are doing a lot of great work and working very, very hard. Let's hope by the time it shuts later on that we've got some reinforcements. There are a number of players we're enquiring about. There is no doubt we need to add goals to the team. That was always an objective when I first came in. If we can get recognised goalscorers to come in, that's the objective. There'll be hopefully one or two coming in."

    From that, it was obvious that he expected at least one recognised goal scorer to be added and so he must be a confused and angry man this morning.

    Given all that, will he try for Michael Owen for the rest of the season? Injury prone, unpopular but a proven goal scorer and one of only a few options left.

    What do you think?


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    • The board tried to be clever and messed up big time. we couldnt score goals last season so have deducted Carrolls threat plus goals from Kuyt, or our most prolific players Maxi and Bellamy and replaced them with........Osama Assaidi, who deserves no burden for he was brought in for squad filling money on squad filling wages.

      I'm not being a bitter supporter, I genuinely look forward to watching Sterling grow and the style of play develop but come May, when we are 8th again 'but playing lovely' and we give Sahin back and Gerrard 33, how do we attract players of the top billing? We wont, the board have truly made their biggest flounder yet.

      I hope Brendan and the boys can hold together till January when clearly we will sign Falcao ;)

      Oh yes, your point, would take Owen back all day on a free, the bulk dont like him for bailing for Madrid. Yes, he wanted to be the main man in 2004, Rafa told him he was 1 of 4 strikers and he left but hes tried to come back every transfer window since, I would take him on a pay as you play in these circumstances, how cold it hurt? If we are worried about denting Morgans progress then thats crazy, it would help him if anything. I say go for it, but we wont.

    • Yes Owen isn't liked amongst fans however as you said "he's a proven goalscorer" a "fox in the box" if you will..

      We could play him on a pay as you play basis..

    • Sounds like he was duped and lied to..

      The blame then is FSG's & Ian Ayre's?