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  • Miguel Miguel Sep 1, 2012 19:37 Flag

    if you were Brendan Rogers.....

    How would you be feeling now that Ayres has been scapegoated for the great transfer market debacle? Seems he was promised two strikers before agreeing to let ac go out on loan - neither of which materialised. Me? I'd resign!! Fsg have really shown a degree of ineptitude which beggars belief!

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    • Hey Mick

      As a true bitter, I don't begrudge you your gloat and some of what you post makes sense. But ...

      Everton breaking top four?

      Nah mate - too optimisitic.

      Here's one though, Gollum might actually have a chance at beating us at our place this year.

    • Most great players play with their head, if not all literally. To me the excitement in football is not how many passes the team can string together, but the possibility the move results in scoring.
      I personally have no problem watching Andy Carrol play for us with that kind of performance for West Ham.
      So the issue, as pointed out earlier, is a lot in the off field performance. Brendan had publicly showed uncertainties around few players. Guess what's that going to do to their resale value? Also to the dressing from atmosphere?
      And as Noo noo rightly pointed out, there's no way Rodgers would want Liverpool to play that way, the issue is not so much about Andy going out, but nobody coming in. Even if Andy stay, would he make a good cover? No, and not because he can't, but because the manager wouldn't allow him to do so, to play his strength. The way BR handle the situation with Andy, the loan to WestHam is probably the best situation the board can salvage.
      And as I wrote in the other thread, BR would be twice a nutcase to try to bring Andy back in January, even if he scored 15 goals by that time. Not unless BR accommodate Andy's style of play. The best thing for BR to do is to let Sam brings back Andy's value to close to what we paid and handle the transfer market next summer much better.

    • Whats making me happy as an true blue..is for the past few seasons kopites have been laughing at us blues,because of our financial restrictions and having too dip into the lower leagues or loans for signings..now loserpool are suffering the same restrictions Everton have,due too the piss poor management of your club by daglish/comolli etc...you lot were 300M in debt..do you honestly believe your current owners who paid the debt don't want that money back..this is going too be a season too remember for Evertonians...apart from a minor psycological blip against west brom..we will break top4 but you lot could be fighting relegation...and oh how that'd make ALL Evertonians very happy indeed

    • If I Rodgers I'd be thinking wtf !!

      Then I'd be contemplating contacting Henry and ask "BACK ME IN THE TRANSFER MARKET AND LET ME BUY WHO I THINK WE NEED , OR SACK ME"

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      • To which Henry says no. What then?

        It may well be that Ian Ayres or someone else is responsible for messing up at the end of the window. However, no-one but Rodgers is responsible for his own comments. Not only the "I'd be nuts" one but also those comments giving the impression that players like Agger and Downing are only at Liverpool as long as some suitable bid doesn't come in.

        You'd better hope that on the pitch staff start looking more competent than your off the pitch staff.