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  • mel n mel n Sep 1, 2012 22:52 Flag

    I Guess it is now Official !!!!!

    ......... That we are now more broke than Everton Football Club. The end of the transfer window banished whatever doubts I had.

    I never thought I would ever say this, but Colin you have been right all along, Brendan's hiring by the owners has nothing to do with tiki taka. They were looking for a lackey, a yes man, someone who would be so grateful at being made a Liverpool manager that he would agree to anything, compromise his integrity and even declare himself a nutcase to the whole world. No other self respecting manager would be willing to put himself through this amount of ridicule and work with this type of uncertainty.

    And now that we are broke and since beggars can never choose, bringing Michael Owen back seems like a master stroke and let us not forget Emile Heskey is also out of contract and hence also available for FREE (that by the way is our owners favourite word in the world .... FREE FREE FREE). Why not bring our 2002 - 2003 strike force back? And if the worst comes to the worst Rush and Barnes have said they are willing to respond to an urgent SOS as well if the club asks them to don their boots again, King Kenny is still to respond though.

    To Jason and Dsteer, guys I do apologise that my optimism was so short-lived, I have really tried to see the positives in BR's appointment and I am still trying even up to now. But if as a manager or any employee for that matter, you dont trust your employer and you never know what they will do behind your back, with regards to your work, is there really a future in that?

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    • mel n....mate I dont despite what certain board posters think take any pleasure in being ...right. My being right can only mean bad news for the club I LOVE. However I tell it like I see it...I have no insider info no contacts in US business circles close to John Henry and FSG I dont even know the tea lady at Anfield.
      I try to read between the lines as sensible people do in most of lifes situations. I have always done so and as such my instinct tells me not to trust in the blind optimism of such as DSTEER and his cliches such as John Henry and his associates are quote...SUCCESSFUL AND INNOVATIVE BUSINESS MEN.He and one ortwo other of his acolytes dont see the ulterior motives of the owners and wish to berate me simply because I feel I do.
      Look at who has gone out of the club Kuyt Bellers Andy C Aquilani Adam Spearing Ecclestone Pacheco....what have we brought in Borini Allen the Moroccan kid the kid from Barca...a lot of experience out and youth in but will one of the youths play this season I refer to the kid from Barca ? imo onlytwo on the list of outs should have been let go Aquilani he was never a club man and the situation refused to resolve itself and Spearing because he just wasnt good enough. So,,,where do we go fromhere ? Well ...it pains me to say it but is it pos to welcome Owen back into the fold after his sojourn with UniTURD ? Do we have a choice ...Id bite the bullet and hope for the second coming of Michael were he to be signed on a pay as u play basis with an incentive for all goals scored with exception of penalties would that encourage greed in fron tof goal? Of course it would thats what a strikers instinct thrives on his own confident greed for the ball. Hesky ? Why not on a pay as u play basis. Hes familiar with Owens style.
      We werent overun by Citeh with a similar side that we will put out v Arsenal tomorrow so room for some optimism there but we MUST have some cover for Borini and Suarez ...RAPID !
      Am I optimistic about BR ...NO...am I optimistic thaqt the owners will see the error of their ways...No of course not where they are concerned they havent made any errors they are still bang oin course to achieve their objective which is to realize a healthy profit on their investment in LFC just anpother holding in their financial portfolio. Any room for further optimism ? Yes but dont know if its justified with BR in charge..will he give our kids their chance ...now ? Well two of them wont be getting it now will they I refer to the two very promising kids he let go Ecclestone a striker and Pacheco also a lad whoi I think could probably find the back of the onion bag given a chance. The word was that BR had wanted to LOAN out Rahim Sterling but finally relented on that ...Phew ! So if he goes for youth Im all for that ..... u sometimes have to.I Ive been for giving the kids their chance for a long time now maybe that time has finally arrived though if so why sell them on just when u might need them. For many 3pts tomorrow will go some way to healing the trauma...for me one win wont do it particularly at home against another side struggling a little with their own American owner...I will be patient and give BR the seqson that he and the owners never gave quite a number of our lads ...at the end of the season anything less than 4th and I would say he because of his collaboration with the owners should be held responsible and he should walk of course he wont would u if u were on hbis salary....lol

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      • sorry but just had to chip in with a bit more reminising ...... I remember Shanks once quipping
        "Directors (and Owners) are only there to sign the cheques" ...seems a long time ago! I'm not in favour of profligate stupidity like you see at Man City and Chelsea but to end up exposed for lack of strikers 'cos the moneymen wont sanction an extra £2m just beggers belief. The whole thing smacks of crazy penny-pinching Owner interfearance and I'm now begining to feel a bit sorry for Bren. At least in Shanks' day the board of Directors were in it "for the love of football and their team" but this lot dont seem to understand or care. I suppose in a way thats the saving grace as regards to Abramovitch and the Sheiks involvement....Man City and Chelsea may be their toys, but at least they seem to love them passionately, much more than our "world brand money men" do. Wether we win loose or draw today, and I think we'll definitely get something out of it, it'll be very interesting to see how Bren and the boys respond....I think they'll all rise to the occasion!