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    FSG - OUT !!

    I'm sick of them not supplying funds when it desperately needed it.

    They couldn't be arsed to stump up the cash a couple of mil..

    Either you trust the man you personally select as manager or you don't?

    By not allowing BR to buy who he felt was needed, it's a huge insult to him.

    Now FSG can always blame Ayre but the buck stops with FSG not Ayre.. Ayre didn't hire Rodgers it was FSG.. It's FSG who pays him not Ayre..

    This transfer window was distaster. They were courting Dempsey all through the transfer window. Then at the final moment when it came to hand in a offer we offer something way below what Fulham wanted.

    Now we've gotta hang on until January.. All because we've owners who know bugger all about football and don't care about the team they've bought.

    Just do LFc and all the fans a favour and sell up and sell to someone whose a lover of football and in particular a lover of LFC.

    In addition to someone who can actually fund transfers on a as when needed basis..

    I'm utterly fed up of owners who buy LFC and they we've gotta keep having to sell before we can buy.

    Sure i know we have to move players on when they no longer suit the managers plans.
    Thats football.

    What i refer to is owners who won't release money unless players are sold beforehand.

    Thats been happening at LFC for as long as I can remember.. It needs to stop..

    Whilst FSG are owners we can forget any title challenge. As they won't supply the funds on players who're good enough to do that.


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    • :-) That made me laugh

    • Didn't Henry/FSG claim they'll bring "big signings" in this transfer window?

      What happened? We got Allen, Borini.. none of which are the strikers we desperately need.

      Now Henry may say he's "disappointed". Well man you're the owner ffs..

      So why didn't you sanction the money for a good striker then? Neither the fans or yourself would've been disapointed eh !!

    • I think you mean Martin Broughton am I right Jason?

      He was the one who forced the sale through and H&G pretty much had to go along with what was decided.

      Ok ok Jason you made your point..

      Maybe i come across as somewhat of a dreamer? I just crave success for LFC again..

      Is that so wrong?

      Yes I vent my thoughts and frustrations of what I think is going on.

      I accecpt I could be way off the mark.

      Having read that open letter Henry issued. It sheds light on many things. Yes I'd love us to have a lovely shiny new 100,000 seater stadium. As you could be right as Henry is.. In stating that the number of tickets that could be sold wouldn't fill a 100,000 seater stadium.

      So something more like 20,000 over what we have presently could be more realistic.

    • Hey Robert

      That was my point.

      It annoys me that FSG seem to be spinning that it was the Kop that got KD his job and that lots of people (mainly in the media) seem to be taking this as fact.

      My post above was trying to point out how, if you stop and think about it for just a few moments, you can see that it's complete rubbish.

      As for whether Kenny was a mistake or not, should have been given more time or not is a matter open to debate.

    • Now you know why Roberto Martinez didn't take the job offer.

    • Was it? Oh, okay, I thought you'd gone rather beyond that.

      I don't know, all I did was accept something your owner said. You seem to be saying that any intelligent person wouldn't be so foolish. Well, that's up to you.


    • Obviously Jason I was being facetious in the extreme.

      My point to that potato-head is that he sits in his Armchair and says - like you say - 'You are a sh*t owner if you don't put 200 large in a brown envelope every August and January!' - which is patently absurd. The only thing he does is whinge, and nothing else. Apart from his beloved goddam egg-cups, that is Armchair's one contribution to LFC - moaning.

      Then its b0llocks like 'We should be bought by a sheikh' as if it is as easy as that. Anyway what am I going on about it for? You know the score with him.

    • Loki,

      He actually does have a point there when he says they'd probably tell him to fcuk off.. But here's why..

      When we were in those dire days, or should I say hours.. H&G not only had no intentions of paying the debts to stave off the administration, but had no intentions of selling either, despite being faced with the sanctions that would have been levied on the club.. If it had not been for .. I forget his name, the temporary adminstrator, who worked with Purslow (who wasn't a genius), to bring them to the High courts and force a sale, then we'd be kicking the ball about in the Championship right now..

      At that same time, while looking at all perspective buyers, I remember it being narrowed down to 2.. Henry/FSG and an Asian millionaire who I believe made his money as a clothing/fashion designer and was also a United supporter.. I'd have to say with that plethora of options, "MAYBE" they made the right call..

      As for this incessant, persistent, never ending list of unrealistic demands by armchair, he doesn't bother to consider some very basic facts..

      First of all, the entire world is in an economical crisis barring the 1% of society which are the Rich and Billionaires, but more imporantly, not an abundance of those who have any interest, nor the acumen to get involved with owning a football club and all the things that come with it... And if they were, seeing all the bs going on right now, not only with us, the league, FFP, they'd be scared away..

      The Sheiks took over Man City because they are in a larger City which has the obvious ability for more appeal with feeding off of the other Manchester club. They also have a stadium that holds well in excess of 50,000, without looking I think 57k (cue Bob and his wikipedia correction) and possible room to add to it.. haven't seen Etihad so don't know, but assuming very possible. Right there are 2 MASSIVE reasons to attract someone with billions, who also see it as a "business", but willing to pour their finances into it because the quick (not by our standard or willingness) 3-4 turnaround into Champions League and League Champions..

      The whole same thing can be said for the owners of PSG.. Paris, a famous and incredibly large city with global appeal, etc etc...

      Compare those two scenarios with ours, in addition to armchair wanting 200M to be spent every window, and I think maybe he will finally comprehend this since I've made it very basic and simple to see the situation in black and white... then again, I doubt it, I'm only fooling myself..

      Whether or not they sell the club, I have no clue. What I can say is that they saved the club and not too many people had a peep to say as far as complaining, other than being skeptics because of H&G, and only now are those comparisons being made. So IF (and I don't think they are) going to sell, is the club itself in a better financial position? YES! Is it more valued in the eyes of another prospective owner, YES! Do the same problems remain of not having a 500M playing squad and 45k stadium / stadium dilemma remain, YES! Is it likely there is someone out there right now with the billions who would come in and pick up where they've left off right now, NO!

      SO, as you said Loki, Armchair, you should take a look at the wealthiest people alive, not named Roman, The Mansours, whoever owns Anzhi and the other oil tycoons of PSG, and see of those billionaires who would be a fit, would want the project, or would risk it at this time..

      Gates, Buffet, Zukkerberg, and god knows who else.. not a single one of them could be bothered, let alone pick up and excel at the rate of where we are now. It would all start from scratch again, and that includes the 150,000 retractable dome stadium in Stanley park, which would take 5 years, or in armchair time 12 months..

      Jesus Christ..

    • I'm saying it'll be nigh on impossible to approach a billionaire and plead with them to come buy LFC. Then if I tell them that i'm for real and they accept that. Then why would / should they come?

      Aside from the fact the fans would love a owner whose got plenty of cash to spread around.. and build the statium as well as buy whatever player Rodgers fancies..

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