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  • Jason Jason Sep 2, 2012 16:01 Flag

    Couple of Glaring issues / questions ..

    For me, I've got a couple of serious questions that revolve around what's gone on and with today's performance..

    I'm really not harping on what happened on the final day, because it's enough to drive myself and every half wit Liverpool supporter around world mad, excluding some who are already a few screws loose of a full tool box..

    But one question I have for the market dealing was, obviously we went into the summer and window with the 1 glaring need whether or not Andy stayed or went, and that was the addition of at least 1 striker or serious attacking finisher which at the end of the day, we all assumed was/would be Dempsey. Having said that, and he may turn out to be brilliant, I don't know as only having seen him a handful of times, but why was Assaidi bought roughly 3 weeks beforehand, when he could have been a final hour's signing, and Clint could have been wrapped up long before then. And if not Clint, any name you like, every team find's a bargain striker.. for us it will be Yesil but not sure how soon or when.. This is a question I have to ask to either BR or Ayre..

    I thought, and once again, another very good, solid performance in all areas, but as usual, up front and that's what's costing us and not getting points/winning games. So, having said that my other 2 issues..

    At one point, Arsenal couldn't get a touch of the ball, possession was 60/40, we're well in control, and a counter comes with Podolski scoring just under the leg of Johnson and tipped by Reina who I thought could have done better there, but more often than not, that one probably goes to Podolski.. but then REINA again! Carzol put quite a zip on that shot, but it was only going 1 place.. low and to Reina, and ends up in the back of the net..

    No longer do I even consider him even a top 10 keeper and I'm getting annoyed with his mistakes which are literally week in and week out.. City, Hearts and then today.. all instances resulted a goal or affected the result..

    The last issue, and I personally like Rodgers alot, I love his philosphy on football, the style, seeing the show that will be coming out, his attitude and approach, but today, he left himself short. Borini was fine to play a wide 4-3-3 in Italy, he's not a player capable of that here, so A- It should be Suarez over there, Borini through the middle. AND, B- Where or why was Assaidi AND Morgan not included in the bench?

    We started with our top 3 options up front, therefore not have any of those 3 to turn to as a impact sub. I tried figuring out all types of scenarios, and with 3 defenders on the bench and Downing, all I could see was bringing in Kelly or Coates to push Glen and/or Agger up front.. So again, unless injured which didn't seem an issue vs Hearts, where was Morgan, and from all accounts Assaidi has been training fine.. so where the hell was he?

    I can't make a complaint on Yesil yet because he's not had a week and can't just get tossed in wthout reserves play and 1st team training, but above all of these..

    WTF is wrong with Reina?? Jones actually did well all summer in training and pre-season, he's a larger target and to be quite honest he can't do any worse.. If Gulasci is still around and I'm not sure, then he should be given a look as well. This should happen as soon as Sunderland because if our Midfield dominates like it did, and we have Skrtel/Agger in front, Reina is making a mockery of them and the style we played for most of the game..

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    • I'm not one to defend Reina for the hell of it, but I thought he wasn't at fault for the second goal. The ball was hit very hard from not very far. All a keeper can do is react and try to get behind it. He got down to it but just didn't manage to get enough straight behind the ball. It looked worse than it was.


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      • That's right Robert.

        Most keepers will tell you that a ball hit hard either side of your legs is one of the most difficult shots to save. It's difficult to collapse your body quick enough to get down to it.

        Reina form has been patchy over the last 18 months but he is still a very good keeper. There a bigger problems to address than him.

      • True Robert although I though he may have done a little better with some confidence

        there were a host of other problems before the shot came his way to be honest and they need to be addressed just as much if not more.

    • Talk about deluded. Liverpool were poor and if Giroud hadn`t missed a sitter the scoreline would have been even more emphatic. All this talk about possession is meaningless twaddle, its not how much of the ball a team has but what they do with it that matters and for too much of the game Liverpool did bugger all with it. There were some positives. Sterling had a good game and I think Shelvey made a difference when he came on. Instead of making pretty patterns in the middle of the park he concentrated on pushing forward and trying to create problems for the Arsenal defence. Its no accident that Liverpool`s best spell of the game came when he and Downing came on.

    • Jason...have to agree with most of what u post here. For me the only real encouraging sign today was young Rahim Sterlings performance ..this boy is consistent.
      REINA...u know my view on him Ive been saying the same for a few weeks now initially all I seemed to be getting in repnse to my opinion of his keeping was flack fronm the usual suspects on this board...looks like it might sart to become a different story for them now eh ? Brad Jones is a good average keeper imo think we should give him his chance cant rely on Reina anymore hes .....
      CALAMITY prone.
      The lack of a true striker imo nothing more to be said about it...everybody knows it and the goal drought continues....Andy Carrol PLAN B off the bench or better still a starter...ringing any bells for the usual suspects out there who told me repeatedly that BR knows what hes doing....maybe they are trying to put together a new IRWTB In Rafa We Trust Brigade ?
      Did u see Blackpool lost their 100% record yesterday to Leicester? They seem to be Olly's hoodoo side he used to manage them and BFC havent got the better of them since Ian Holloway became their manager..Leicester used to ...many moons ago...be our bogey side too.

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      • Hey Colin,

        At this point, I can't see any reason why Reina couldn't / shouldn't be dropped, at the very least in the next week's 1st team training after the break to know he needs to wake up.. For many years I've wanted Carra to drop, and took some flack for it, but obviously now it's justified, though I personally thought sooner, and we can now see even Coates is going to trump him as we saw in the City match.. that said, Reina is not above anyone else..

        I will also say of the midfield, my hero, my reason for being an LFC fan, Gerrard was nothing short of poor and his giveaway led to the first goal, and he had little to no impact. He likes to roam forward, make those surging runs and find himself where he likes, but when it's a disciplined system, which was plain to see.. Allen, Sahin always where they should, even Jonjo when he came on, but Gerrard everywhere but.. Not saying it's time yet, but worth a thought because Shelvey looked great and livened up the whole game for his cameo, and while it was at the expense of Sahin, to be fair it was the boy's first game in Red, in EPL and vs Arsenal. He didn't do anything wrong..

        Also, of note, and I'll leave you guys to debate how you want about this. BR just finished his press conference and was asked about loaning Andy. "Brendan, would you have loaned Andy if you didn't think you had cover coming in.. NO. Did you think you had cover, 1 or 2 players coming in.. YES." "Would there be any consideration to having a look at/brining in Michael Owen?" NO (not ruling it out) "Our scouting network are working hard and looking right now to see who we can have a look at to bring in"

        Notable name that's being tossed about as a possibility in a few days pending a complicated situation.. Lucas Barrios. Was a top goal scorer for Dortmund for 2 years, then lost his spot to Lewandowski, just signed for a rich Asian side, but is either being released or is.. I don't know, but if his name is being tossed about and he's out there, we need to be camping on his front door with a contract, a box of chocolates and the finest bottle of wine money can buy. I won't brand him as bringing in Radamel Falcao, but as far as goal scoring prowess as a true #9, he could teach Suarez, Borini and everyone else in the squad a few things..

        Just for me, a side note.. I really am besides myself with impatience and excitement wanting Yesil to get himself into the top side training wise, because I think he was a brilliant signing for his age and fee of 1M and change.. If / when it happens I don't know, so this is just a personal want of mine, don't hang your hats on it, though he's got to see his time soon I'd imagine..

    • Hello, Jason, an Arsenal man here.

      I think your main problem is that you have signed the wrong manager at the wrong time. Its very easy to blame the owners but they were right to dispose of Dalglish and Comolli, who were quite simply shocking, especially the latter.

      The problem now is that you have no Director of Football who can advise the owners, and you have an inexperienced young manager who's success is based off two seasons with a Swansea side largely built by Roberto Martinez. But because he led Swansea to 11th, they've backed him because they have no clue over how football works.

      What was needed after Dalglish was somebody with an experienced tactical brain and somebody who can drive a hard bargain in the transfer window without looking like a numpty. Rodgers is not that person.

      I know a lot of you are saying "give Rodgers time" and "it's the owners fault", but the owners have done everything right apart from being fooled by Rodgers' record and charisma. He'll soon be out of his depth in this league.And you'll need to be calling for his head...

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      • Dont think its fair at all to blame Rodgers, hes made it quite clear in his interviews that he wanted goal scorers, that his squad was light and most importantly that the deals were to be made by people on the board not by him. He went as far as to say he advised of his targets then was waiting for Ian Ayre to go and make it happen, which he didnt. Also, Rodgers isnt to blame for the strange amount of mistakes from Agger, Skrtel, Gerrard and Reina so far, individual errors are pretty hard to coach out!

      • RISKER...thanks for not gloating and a good postfrom u here think u managed to put it in a nutshell....disagree with u on Kenny but think u right about BR and think Martinez saw what the real game of our owners was when hehad his interview and wisely backed away from the job.
        Yeah think the support could soon be calling for BR's head but maybe not cos we have this stupid tradition of being almost religiously behind our Boss...this was merited in the time of Mr Shankly..back when Bertie Mee was u Boss....Bob Paisley Joe Fagan and Ist coming of Kenny but since this time no one has merited that kind of blind faith and trust even Kenny in his 2nd coming.

    • I've been saying those same things for two seasons. Pepe is living on reputation, he needs to be dropped so he knows his place is not sacrosanct. I wouldn't mind butland or stekelenberg.