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  • John John Sep 2, 2012 17:09 Flag

    heres a few interesting facts regarding FSG

    did you know that just last week fsg systematically sold of there best red sox players to the tune of 150 million dollars did you also know they have no intention of replacing said player did you know that liverpools net spend this transfer window was 16.1 million pound did you also know that the recent departures are now saving the club 450k a week or 20 million a year

    fsg seem to have a habit of buying sports clubs cheap stripping its most desirable assets and then selling the club on for more money than initially invested based on this and after watching what has been going on at anfield and fenway park i would sayit wont be long before LFC is in the hands of new owners

    by the way its all there for the reading online if anyone doubts anything in this thread hell theres even some papers reporting FSG have been trying to sell LFC for 12 months

    as for todays performance absolute shocker in all departments messi couldn,t save us at the minute

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    • Hey Colin, you know me always up for a debate, so I'll answer you directly rather than tell someone else why I disagree with you.

      Point 1 - I don't know how concerned other clubs are about FFP as I'm not privy to what is said behind closed doors but I know Utd have asked for similar rules be implemented in the prem, and that the FFP rules were asked for and ratified by the vast majority of clubs throughout Europe, so got to think most think it’s a good idea. I don't ignore the fact creative accounting exists, and have said I'm sure some will try to get around the rules, but while a majority want the rules enforced I do think the chances they will be, and with teeth increases.

      Point 2 - Not sure of your point here, I never called for Kenny's dismissal so you must have me confused with someone else. But while on the subject you seem to have a lot of ideas of what happened all based on conjecture, but not so much on fact. Personally I agree most of the players brought in were good but also overpriced. But all players have limitations, and therefore maybe better suited for one system or another. Case in point I'm sure once AC gets over his injury he will thrive at West Ham, where the team will play to his strengths, but that does not mean he's best suited to the system our current manager wants to implement.

      Point 3 - Seems you love the phrase "blind faith" but I think you confuse it with something quite different. I don't have blind faith in BR or any other manager, but I do try to be supportive and try to look at the positives. That is because I'm an optimist always hoping the best for the club I support. I find that a more satisfying way to follow LFC, rather than be pessimistic looking for problems. But different strokes for different folks.

      Point 4 - I think you've repeated yourself, so go back and reread point 1.

    • Here's the other side of the coin.. We've bought these players that BR wants for "his style"..

      What if FSG decide to sack him? Then we've players who've been moulded to play a certain style and shape.. The new guy may not wanna play that style.. then we're back to square one?

    • I'm not defending the goings on during the window. Letting a proven striker, even if he's only our plan B before securing a replacement is not defendable.

      However I am wondering where you’re getting your facts from concerning this notion that seems to growing that FSG are looking to bleed the club to line their own pockets. It’s very hard to get full detailed transfer information so maybe you have some golden source, so please do share. But from public information your numbers don't seem to add up:


      That is a net spend for us of around 24M, quite a bit higher than what you quoted.

      Just for comparison our most likely rivals for the top 4 assuming we think Chelsea, City and Utd are the real title contenders:

      Spurs net spend: just over 2M
      Arsenal net spend: just over -2M
      Newcastle net spend: just over 2M

      Now it’s fair, actually more than fair to ask questions on if we spent wisely with the missing man up front, to say the owners are not spending, or even bleeding the club just does not make much sense. The owners themselves say they are restrained by previous decisions, their own and the previous owners, but considering only Chelsea were big spenders, and even City who all think have money to burn only had a reported net spend of 21M, less than our own, I think they are still trying to move us forward, or are at least putting their money on the table relative to other clubs.

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      • Hi Dave

        I don't go along with them bleeding the club dry (yet in any case) but to suggest the last window shows they are investing is wide of the mark in my opinion.

        1) Even if the £24m net spend stacks up it doesn't represent a massive investment in a new manager.
        2) Your argument doesn't take into account the savings in wages in getting rid of 8 senior players and getting in 2/3. That alone probably accounts for the net spend over the life of the contracts.
        3) Your net spend argument doesn't take into account those recent lucrative commercial deals we have just signed. Where is that money?

        I listened to a really interesting debate last night about Liverpool. Some of the key points that came out (from ex-players, local journalists) were:-

        - BR must take a large share of the blame. As a manager you need to mould your system around what you have. He has pushed his system too quickly on a squad that isn't capable of it yet and forced players out the door that he needs.
        - The idea that AC could come back to Anfield in January is laughable if BR is still there
        - There is a disconnect in the upper management at Anfield so the powers that be in America, the boardroom & in the dug out aren't pulling in the same direction.
        - Lots of pr briefings are going on to the media trying to shift blame away from the owners and onto Ian Ayre (previously on KD).
        - Despite the idea that has been built up that Liverpool have been in a mid-table slump for ever it is only a few years ago that we were competing for the league and in European finals.

        On a positive note, all of those involved compared the intentions of FSG very favourably to those of the Toxic Texans. It's just that they think they have no idea what they are doing.

    • "fsg seem to have a habit of buying sports clubs cheap stripping its most desirable assets and then selling the club on for more money than initially invested"

      Name a single club that they have asset stripped? They havent asset stripped a single club. Roush motorsport has not been asset stripped in any fashion whatsoever. They also won the 2011 championship whilst The Red Sox have won 2 world series', the post makes no sense.

      The only mistakes FSG have made at LFC were the silly spending under Kenny and the risk they took in leaving everything till the last minute this summer, those reasons though do not create a foundation for our defensive shortcomings so far this season!

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      • they no longer own rousch motorsports hobitez what they do have in rousch is a very small stake they came into to rousch tore it apart rebuilt it and sold it retaining a small percentage in the company the same thing that they did with the red sox the same thing that they seem to be doing with lfc perhaps in hindsight calling it asset stripping was a tad harsh but to the outsider looking in thats exactly what it looks like add into the equation that various bloggers and sports writer are claiming FSG want rid of the club and have been trying to sell it for 12 months now what other conclusions is there for both fans of red sox and lfc suppose to come too henrys letter to lfc fans says a lot but in all honesty we have heard it all before have you read the open letters to john w henry from fansit isn,t just me who is thinking this

    • One of the issues is that FSG LOVE baseball, they love it. It is more than a business for them, it is what they love to do.

      They do NOT love football. They saw an opportunity to buy a famous club on the cheap. They bought it, they applied moneyball to it and it did not work.

      It wouldn't surprise me if they decided LFC is something that is beyond them, so the best thing to do for now, is to prepare the club as a going concern for sale. They know that to do this, the outgoings need to be slashed, the playing staff trimmed, and the average age reduced.

      That is the process we are in, and what next for LFC. Who knows?

    • I'll give Sofa a hand here Jason. It seems to be life's little mission to square Armchairp or at least expose him as teh talented United fan.

      As Robert says merchandice makes a bit of cash but not a huge amount. If the club makes say £15 / shirt, they'd still need to sell nearly 67,000 shirts to make a £1m. So while it's important the numbers are small.

      The big money is in competing at the highest level with good cup runs, sponsorship and of course TV.

      Lets look at wages. We have a squad of 25 say. They each earn and average of say £60k per week. Our weekly wage bill for those 25 players is £1.5 million! Transpose that over a year and the number is scary. You've then got everyone else's wages (youth, coaches, staff, tea lady etc.) on top of that, stadium running costs, match day costs and other overheads (offices, training grounds, utility bills, transport etc.)

      Without reducing TV revenue and limited European competition I hope you can see how difficult it is.

    • Sir, sir, I can do this, gizza job.

      One million Liverpool fans buying a £40 shirt every four years is £10m a year. But 20% goes to the VAT man, 10% to the manufacturer, 50% to the retailer and 30% of them are fake imports, Oh dear, that's 110% of the gross sale so it costs LFC £1m a year for fans to get shirts.

      Sorry Armchair but it's no wonder you couldn't buy any strikers on Friday.


    • Let me reply back to your question with another, and we'll see if we can't all figure this out together...

      How much money do you think is generated by the sales of shirts, and then additional items? Just an approximate number would do fine here..

    • Ok then here's something I wanan know..

      Where's the money from shirt and other LFC merchandise going?

      Is it going back into the club to fund player transfers or is it going in the back pockets of FSG?

      Didn't Henry claim that all money from merchandise ie shirt sales. Would be going back into the club?

      If thats so then surely theirs enough money coming in to fund players coming in? Shirt, ticket, and other LFC merchandise..

    • i didn,t think you were having a go jason i like most come on here to voice opinion i know some agree and some disagree but thats the point of an open forum beleive it or not but i have been posting on these boards for around six years but had to take a sabbatical due to an internet troll called rick altree who systematically ruined this board with his rhetoric but thats a story for another day

      another good post jason and interesting views

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