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  • mel n mel n Sep 3, 2012 03:11 Flag

    Why Steven Gerrard misfiring.

    There is no doubt that since the season began, Stevie has been a pale shadow of the player that he has always been,

    His play has been punctuated by misplaced passes and general ineffective play. Against West Brom, he had a very bad game, it improved somewhat against Man City, but it was one of his misplaced passes that sparked the attack that led to City's opening goal. The same happened against Arsenal, another of his many misplaced passes resulted in Arsenal's opening goal. So the question is what is the problem? Taking into account that he was England's best player at the Euros just over a month ago, we cant really say it is because he is past it, can we?.

    My take is that the tiki taka concept is to blame, players are under strict instructions to make early passes with the minimum number of touches possible (the recommended number is 2 touches). There is nothing wrong with that and it would probably work with the likes of Sterling and Shelvey who are still young and very amenable to learning. It is a very noble concept and can bear great dividends but it is actually detrimental to Stevie's play. Players like Gerrard, Messi, Pirlo etc thrive because they play football the way they know how and not the way somebody else is telling them to. Can you imagine how ineffective Messi would be if Barcelona forbade him to do what he is doing now and restricted him to just 2 touches? Stevie thrives on getting the ball and then assessing what the best option is, and it is NOT passing it to a guy who is just a metre away. It's like he is wearing a strait jacket right now which is preventing him from being his inventive best. To see the best of our captain, then he should be given the opportunity to express himself with the ball, in the best possible way, if it means taking on the opposition or doing 50 yard passes, then so be it.

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    • Gerrard has been awful. Its time for him to embrace the bench. Or play as a striker and Suarez can move to the right.
      And Jonjo takng gerrards spot .

      Good Teams have depth in their squad so the regulars are always under threat of loosing their spot for the hungry players and play their upmost every single game. If De gea was making as many mistakes as Reina is right now, do you think he would be playing.. SAF didnt include Nani in a game because he didnt play well in the first game.
      Too many of Our players get away with poor performances

      SG played like a defensive midfielder in the euros, .. its time for SG to grace the bench, he just been making too many errors i mean downing is useless but now days i have no confidence with SG on the pitch