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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 3, 2012 10:10 Flag

    John Henry letter to fans

    I was just about to post that the thing we need most right now is an explanation into whats going on. The failure in the window needed answering and here we have it.

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    • I agree Robert.

      If you want to see good in it you can, likewise you can be very cynical about it all.

      I'm not sure I can match their actions & words with their stated objective but I guess that makes me a cynic.


    • "If you were being unkind you might ask..."

      That was my instant reaction to that sentence too. I suspect it was just the way it was drafted. My overall conclusion from that letter was that you coud read anything you like into it. You can read it as a statement of intent to become the best club in England with the finest infrastructure, or you can read it as "don't imagine we're going to be buying any more expensive players after all our earlier money was pissed up against the wall".

      Plus ca change as they say where you are.


    • I have to say it is very confusing. The deal is definitely a loan with a buy option though I have seen reports that LFC can cancel the loan in January which is odd. I think it is fair to say Brendan will go for a striker that he wants in January rather then bring Andy back.

      I dont think that they can return at anytime, it depends what kind of loan it is. Last season we recalled Shelvey from Blackpool but could not recall Aquilani so it must be depending on the loan contract.

    • Miguel,

      It is a very likely scenario that some players want to leave and defect to other clubs, BUT let's remember while we may not see the end result we wanted for this season, it's only week 3. And these same players who may want to defect elsewhere come 11 months from now, need to look in the mirror right now, and realize they are the masters of their future. Are they going to resurrect themselves and the club to reach their individual and team goals / aspirations, or are they going to half ass it, do nothing, feel sorry for themselves liket he majority of LFC fans?

      I suspect, some of these players, many of which who were coveted by the likes of City, Barca, Juve, PSG and others, will wake the fcuk up, get their act together and play like the ones who were wanted by said clubs over the summer and play like they should..

      And if not, there are a couple who could go, and be replaced by younger hungry players who desperately want to play regularly and have shown quite a bit of quality when given their chance to represent the shirt and what LFC stands for..

      My message to those who aren't playing to their best, or need to step it up or have their mind set on a move a year from now:

      Martin Kelly, Jonjo Shelvey, Sebastian Coates, Jordan Henderson, Suso, Adam Morgan, Michael Ngoo, Jack Robinson, Connor Coady, Joao Texeira are all dying to get their chance, and would bleed Liverpool RED to give their all in front of the fans and KOP..

      I think we can all do a bit, by supporting, making more noise at Anfield (for those who can obviously go) and not bickering, crying and becoming deluded conspiracy theory artists and face the reality of a new team, new manager, new system in week 4!

    • Hey Hobbs

      Thanks for posting this.

      I think it's a good thing that the board have released an open letter but I remain skeptical.

      This reply to a question on developing youth from Chris Bascombe's web chat (thanks Noo Noo) probably expresses how I feel ...

      "It's all very well talking in this way, as if players will just magically appear at the gates of the Kirkby Academy, but one of the most respect Academy coaches Pep Segura has just quit. Two months ago he was being promised a promotion, so where does this fit in with the commitment to developing young talent? It's all very well saying the right things in heartfelt open letters, but a lot of what Liverpool do smacks of keeping up appearances, telling the world how wonderful everything is really when there isn't much evidence (yet) to back up the idea things are moving in the right direction. "

      • 1 Reply to Paddy
      • Couple of things..

        Hobs, fyi, Carroll absolutely can be recalled in January, BR confirmed it in one of his recent pressers w/ LFC.com.. Armchair got that right (sorry)

        At the moment, with him being fit, just playing absolutley terrible but included in this, is Suarez:
        Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Gerrard, Allen, Sahin, Sterling, Borini mixed in with Downing, Shelvey, Kelly and Coates a bad starting squad?!?!?!

        Has anyone else just stopped to consider, that that starting 11, if the season would start tomorrow would have us all buzzing again, just wanting a big name striker to sort Suarez?

        They went to West Brom and played absolutely TERRIBLE and got just what they deserved, a proper ass kicking. But followed it up with a wonderful performance against City that could have seen a 4-0 win, let alone 2-1 if only not for 2 awful mistakes. They once again played very well for large patches vs Arsenal and gave away two very poor goals by my standard, and even with a striker, couldn't get the ball to stick to Suarez or anyone going forwards' foot, and would have resulted in nothing better than perhaps a draw...

        All we do, myself very much included, is sit around and start threads moaning and groaning and crying about this, that and the other thing, crying that it's the owners fault, Ayre's fault, Rodgers' fault, but never the players... Yes, all of the 3 above are to blame for whatever went down on that final day (fyi I had heard Henry sanctioned the buy of Sturridge, but when Chelsea didn't acquire another striker he became impossible, and they didn't feel the 8M / wages were justified for Dempsey and his age), but we haven't levied any blame on the players' with exception of Reina who deserves a proper smack across the back of his head for 3 matches in a row..

        This isn't an excuse, but a fact that certainly doesn't help, Arsenal was their 3rd match in 8 days, which included City.. this International break certainly won't help in many regards esp if anyone comes back hurt or fatigued, but perhaps it will do like BR said, give them time to reflect and go be around their Int'l teammates and see hard work and winning ..

        End of the day, what have majority of the players outside of Allen, Sterling, Shelvey, Skrtel (who had a shocking one), for the majority done exceptionally well or right so far ??

        Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Allen, Gerrard, Sahin/Shelvey, Borini/Downing, Suarez, Sterling ...

        There's probably an endless list of top sides all over Europe that would clear that list up to 0.... it's time they did their part because each and every week I know I get ready for what I expect to be a great performance and a Win, or the occasional draw, and they've not done it... and I know for a fact in the Arsenal match, Rodgers didn't give the ball away pathetically in the midfield, not track back and create an odd man counter for 1 goal, and I damn well know for sure he didn't let a shot go through his legs for the second goal..

    • http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/latest-news/john-henry-s-open-letter-to-fans
      Here it is too..

      At last some clarification..

      I do dislike having to make assumptions..

      Now we know what they're planning..

      Also we know that the reason they're broke is cos they're having to fix errors from previous regimes and systems.

      Ok it would seem I've been rather hasty in my condemnation of FSG..

      Would appear they do genuinely care according to that letter.. If thats what they genuinely believe?

    • hobs...language in this...open letter...is very stiff obviously put together quickly by a less than talented PA for John Henry. It doesnt give the support ANY detail regarding the transfer window deadline debacle and for my money is a CHEAP way to attempt to pacify the support while they continue with their programme of cost cutting whilst via this open letter attempting to distance themselves from any blame for the fact that the club is now devoid of any real strike force. As far as building for the future is concerned better hope that isnt a future starting next season in the Championship Div because their are quite a few sides there that I wouldnt be too confident we could beat at the moment !

    • thanks for posting that.

      It reiterates their commitment which is good but still doesn't fully explain the problems on deadline day. I supoose we'll never know that for sure.

      I can't 100% follow the logic of not over paying for someone that two ther clubs had valued higher and then leaving yourself with a squad that's very lean in one area.

    • It's clear to me that Henry is attempting to pour oil on what are clearly troubled waters. What we supporters should take from his message is that this is a long

      term fix. That being so, any progress this season will be an unlikely bonus and we are in for a rough ride before reaching calmer waters. So, be patient us the name of this and further seasons. Not an easy pill to swallow short term but infuriating long run, with the new fair play rules, clearly the right strategy. I therefore will be trying to curb my frustrations and get behind the long term vision. The Morgans, sterling's, coders etc are already an encouraging sign.