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  • Colyn Colyn Sep 3, 2012 12:49 Flag

    Arsenal - Noo Noo's pink custard analysis

    I thought I'd post up some of my amateurish thoughts and observations from Sundays game. I certainly welcome other peoples ideas and thoughts on the game or specific pieces too. Just my idea of getting the subtle little things out there. The things that are goning well and obviously those that aren't.

    Firstly when you look at Arsenals first goal there were a few things that stood out to me.
    1. we played the ball out from Reina really well. Gained a lot of territory very quickly and the ball didn't leave the floor. Allens pass to Johnson was sublime.

    2. Despite the speed of the ball up the pitch johnson was starting to drift too far forward too early. This was discussed on MOTD last night and it was pretty obvious. We know the full backs need to push on but at the right time and only as far as the opportunity arises. Johnson went too far too early.

    3. We lost the ball. Shouldn't have but we did. A rushed pass from Gerrard and we were on the back foot.

    4. Here's the thing that really stood out for me. Agger / Skrtel would receive the ball just outside our 18 yard line. The pass to Johnson and our midfield were quite high up the pitch leaving and absolute canyon between the defensive line and our midfield. Arsenal exploited this space and one pass took almost all of our midfield out of the defensive equation. Johnson was too advanced and a country mile out of position. Arsenal exploited that space between our lines as the missing Johnson. Basically we are wide open on the break.

    Allen. A really good addition to our team for me. His ball retention and distribuition is excellent. However I could see him getting frustrated with the lack of passing options at times. Gerrard in particular often failed to show and Allen knew it.

    Gerrard. Obviously way off form but I can see a way for the system to work. He's just a bit too advanced for me. When Arsenal broke he was out of position and didn't repsond and when in possession he failed to find space or was simply crowded out. I would like to see Gerrard play just a little deeper and then move into the space between the opponents midfield and defense. He can then also go beyond their defense if the opportunity arises. A litle deeper he can receive the ball facing forward rather than sideways or with his back to goal. He's far better when the game's in front of him. He can help defend too! We have, for a number of years failed to turn defenses and I see this as an important way of getting some goals from our lightweight stike force. That means runners from deep.

    That's it for now. Feel free to burn me, agree, post your own ideas and thoughts. That's the idea for this thread

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