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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 3, 2012 13:03 Flag

    Whic free agent will we sign?

    After the Arsenal game, Brendan Rodgers made it pretty clear that he was exploring the free agent market. Obviously Drogba and Owen were the 2 put to him and he certainly didnt reject either option! It seems a good idea to weigh up the options available for some short term relief.

    Didier Drogba - Seems to be ready to leave Shenua after some financial disasters, not really sure as to the way this deal could work. I am assuming with the league ending in November that it could be a loan. £200k a week wages may prove difficult to match as well as wondering how he would fit a playing style that Carroll does not. He is a wee bit better though!

    Nicolas Anelka - Same situation as Didier, an excellent player and a LFC favourite old boy. I think he would relish a move but again, could be a complicated one.

    Michael Owen - Seems the obvious and most simple solution. Pay as you play could be possible and finishing ability is as good as ever if the legs arent. Fitness is a big concern and he may not be well received initially. A goal would soon change that.

    Emile Heskey - Just kidding.

    Alesandro Del Piero - Sydney talks have not been completed so is still available. Untested in England but showed on occasion last season the magic is still there. Personally would love this one but a big if.

    Florent Sinama Pongolle - Was surprised to see he had become a free agent having terminated his Sporting Lisbon contract. Only 27 and has had some good spells since leaving Anfield. Might even have a resale value!

    I am sure there must be others but I dont know who. Anyone fancy any of these?!

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    • Colyn,

      Normally I feel you and I are on song most of the time, however, with this "he can fly" I'm struggling with the sarcasm, cyninism or perhaps just flat out humor in that.. it's not reading well..

      If it's a joke or shot at me, um, well ...

      If it's in regard to my comment on the friend's suggestion on having an FSG person "sat over there", and stating "he can fly", well I can tell you having just done it about a month ago, it can wear on you a bit. If I could come and visit Liverpool every other week for a match, or just to see my friends and the City, I'd do it for the rest of my life, but financially and physically that's not practical. AND, that same thing would hold true for the "FSG" rubberstamped person that's being suggested

      Afterall, Henry and Werner are there several times a year, in some instances probably more than we know, but it's hardly enough for me, or anyone's liking I would presum. It's not the hardest thing in the world to place someone abroad for a job, certainly of this calibre is it?

      As for Ian Ayre, there are all sorts of stories, and non stories which people are trying to piece together, but one thing for sure, even if he'd been bed bound with the flu and 110 temp in the hospital is, at the moment, he'd be the fall guy. He went from being our director of communcations (I believe, something like that) to being our "director of football operations", he's out of his depth in a manner which words cannot describe. When I hear the man speak, I think I'm hearing a joke..

      The story or impression we're under over here is that he had a limit of which he could spend up to, and had not reached that limit. Clint Dempsey was supposed to have been wrapped up very early in the final day (IMO and everyone weeks ago), as the day progressed it dragged out and eventually had 2 bids of insufficient amounts rejected because they didn't want to over pay and Fulham asked for more from us than the other clubs for the percieved notion of "tapping him up". Then there were other players, Sturridge was supposedly the one they wanted the most and willing to pay, but Chelsea didn't add a striker, so in the final hours Ayre had not done either deal, with Rodgers having left assuming 1 would be done.. We'll never know the rest ie Walcott or any other player whose name we might or might not know, but once it got to the final hour, universally confirmed by the club and sky, Liverpool were done.

      Someone mucked it up, and when an owner gives you a limit to spend, with 2-3 clear objectivs and flexibility for whatever else may have been on the docket, and you come away with nothing, you have to be held accountable.

      End of the day, BR was gutted, and I feel gutted for him, and in turn FSG look like H&G, though they are not and said what they said to give the best clarity possibly.

      As for "he can fly" hopefully that was sufficient reason enough for me to justify why I think "being sat there" is more than reasonable of a job/task for 6 figure salary at LFC to do things right, if that's what you mean, rather than flying over 25 times a year...

    • I suppose £5m fee does make the Dempsey decision look even stranger.

      back to Morgan though. I think you may be right. We certaily need a bit of cheering up and a young academy lad busting a gut and maybe getting a goal or two would certainly pick up the mood a bit.

      I remember when Spearing first came on.

    • I still want to know how he can fly. Is there something in the water over there?

    • Jason...u have my vote but on one condition will u still communicate with certain of us on this board in relation to u position ?

    • hobs...yeah thats one for the Accountants among us but must admit I thought it a bit odd 5 mill LOAN FEE ? This when we got only 2 mill for Andy C from WHU ? This when Andy C is a permanent fixture in Woys frontline ?
      Thing about Morgan is the more games he has the better that MOVEMENT becomes...give him the starts its better than taking the risks on these old boy old crocks and the salaries they would demand let Stoke have Owen they have a long tradition of doing well on other peoples Old Boys goes all the way back to the 60ies but we dont have a track record of doing well with such a strategy.

    • I found his quote from the Times to muddy the waters a bit more.

      “Liverpool have implemented a collegiate director of football model that spreads responsibility through a group of player recruitment specialists and football analysts who work with the manager in identifying targets. David Fallows and Barry Hunter, two senior scouts, have been recruited from Manchester City, although both are on gardening leave, while Michael Edwards, the club’s head of analytics, is becoming an increasingly influential figure at Anfield. The concept is that decisions over players will be made by the group as a whole, rather than by any individual, but the in-built checks and balances can slow transfers down.”

    • Hi Jason

      I've a quick question for you ...

      "clearly there was a whole mess of miscommunication and I expect to see Ayre get the axe this week for that"

      You might be right but I'm not sure exactly what Ian Ayre has done wrong - do you know? Are we really expected to believe that Henry/FSG wanted to match the valuation for Dempsey but Ian decided off his own back to save them a couple of million?

      I don't know but it seems unlikely to me (that it was his fault rather than he'll carry the can for it).

    • You can fly????

    • I was speaking to a friend last night, that I've made over there, quite the Liverpool fan, and he made a very good/interesting suggestion that I 100% agree with..

      He said, FSG need to have a person "sat over there", in plain terms, just like they have, or had all their own specific/new people where they needed to be during the whole Red Sox change and transition to a dominant team, they should have someone who is more or less, the voice of Henry specifically working at Melwood.

      Whether it be an American or not is irrelevant, simply put, someone who is able to speak, act, react and do as Henry would do, without hesitation for any type of situation that arises, specifically this issue where clearly there was a whole mess of miscommunication and I expect to see Ayre get the axe this week for that..

      Since it could involve an American, that suggestion, anyone care to endorse me or forward my resume (CV) on behalf of the boards? All I need is a desk, high speed internet, dvd player, some scouts, the ability to fly at will, and a sharp black pen!

      Hey, one can dream right?

    • I actually think the Sahin move is a good one because players do not return to their clubs sometimes. Foot in the door and all that.

      I agree it all stinks to high heaven somewhere. Who was making the decisions about value and all that? It needs to be sorted out. Teh club needs to work together rather than have one department holding sway over the other.

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