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  • Jason Jason Sep 4, 2012 18:20 Flag

    No More Owen Talk now, ever..

    Off to Stoke he goes..

    I'd like a signing or two, and think there are names out there that we've tossed about and possibly many more Rodgers could look at or might already be doing, but wanted no part of him whatsoever..

    Seems there was interest in Del Piero but looks he's signed or will, for Sydney, so obviously we've got some feelers out there.. (Yahoo doesn't play nice when you post sky Italia link so google it) "According to Sky Italy,Liverpool asked Del Piero to delay to sign deal with Sydney to hear their offer to go to Anfield"

    Don't think we should just sign for signing's sake, but if there are 1-2 bodies that can truly do a job, then hopefully BR can find them..

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    • Hi Jason

      I don't know how much he's picking up but assuming something in the £20 or £30k/Week for a year, I think missing out on him was a mistake.

      We've got a busy schedule of games coming up and I'm all for giving Morgan a chance. But, if he struggles and looks out of his depth, we'll have to keep relying on him - which will do him more harm than the team. I remember that we did that a few years ago to Ngog and probably put his career back as a result.

      Owen would have been a proven goalscorer ready to come on and fill in if Adam needed more time. £1m looked cheap to me.

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      • I have no clue what he's earning RED, but from what I've been reading, it's been said we never even showed an interest, and the overwhelming concensus on several forumns seems to have been against him, with all the name calling you like..

        I'm all for the team first and whatever's best, so I'd bite the bullet, but you can see the dilemma that some of the fickle and idiots would say and do, not only towards Owen, but Rodgers and FSG just compounding problems..

        If there is, and there are, a player or two out there who are more fit, and capable of doing a job then I think it might well be the better move for all parties concerned. Granted, if he scores anywhere near 10 goals it will be the great "what if"

        On another note, not just Morgan, as I said in a previous thread I had heard Yesil would be put through the motions very quickly with a view to get through the reserves and make his case for 1st team action very quickly, and he's just been named in our 30 man roster for Europa. Along with Yesil, are: Morgan, Suso, Assaidi and Pacheco..

        So, it looks like whatever we do, or do not do in the free agent market, our younger players will have a chances to stake their claim and take their chances.. These 5 players are ready, they're not children or babies, so it's not really baptism by fire or such a huge risk.. I'm excited for them, particularly Yesil who I obviously rate, and the others, especially Suso if he can reign in his propensity for the spectacular, to the smarts, in open play..

    • Owen would have been a great signing you never lose your instinct

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      • Well, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, and strictly based on player addition, and the contract of pay to play, it would have been an ideal move..

        However, 2 things:
        A- His fitness. Yes, pay as you play, but still a constant worry and concern.

        B- The fans seem to be overwhelmingly divided on this, with more on the side of "no way Jose". And for me, when I first became a Liverpool fan, it was Stevie, Michael and Carra... so to me, his is far beyond the description of Judas as anyone could ever make Torres out to be..

        Anyways, it's done and dusted. Here's a link in Ingles on Del Piero.. seems his personal financials would make it impossible though nobody can say for sure if that won't be overlooked to help make the team and Rodgers feel stronger for the current situation.. He does though, seem unlikely to change at this point