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  • Jason Jason Sep 4, 2012 19:46 Flag

    Henry's Vision, this will really make you think..

    While some, perhaps most of the board here and many elsewhere are completely divided on Henry and FSG, with some seeming to accept what he recently said and slowly start to understand, perhaps even believe in what he's doing, you can see it is all still quite complicated..

    But, there's been a few here, and while I've never hidden the fact I DESPISE the Red Sox and the ownership is a catch 22 for me, I've done my best to be consistent and defend him/them where I can, when deserved..

    That said, there were alot of rumblings that all he cares about is Boston, and I came out saying from Boston it's the other way around, but the majority are still the skeptics and think he views us, LFC as a play thing and could be ready to sell or just not care.. both of which are just not true..

    Have a read of this, and try to put things in perspective, and where the true money really lies for him, and the true path to glory remains..