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    Letter to Mr J W Henry.

    Dear Mr Henry,

    I on behalf of myself would like to thank you for the letter that you sent out to the fans. I appreciate the fact that you took time out of your obviously busy schedule to address the fans concerns. I am sure that you could have found something much more important to do with your time instead. You could have used it to spend quality time with the very lovely Mrs Henry or even to try and figure out how to get our cousin club (the Boston Red Sox) out of the quagmire that they find themselves in. And talking about the Red Sox, do you reckon that the curse of the Bambino may have returned Mr Henry? They really have been quite unimpressive this season.

    Coming back to your letter Mr Henry, forgive me for not being as sharp as I would like to be but in as much as I appreciated the gesture of the letter, I just could not figure out what its purpose was. Was it an apology that our team had failed to buy strikers after leasing out the one true striker they had (not a very good one I admit, but a striker all the same), was it an explanation as to why we did not buy the strikers or was it to point out that we dont really need strikers. Whatever the reason, let me assure you that we do definitely need strikers, the only ones we have at the moment would probably find it hard to score in a free brothel during happy hour. The only 2 goals we have so far were from set pieces, a set piece by the way Mr Henry is like a field goal in American Football but a little bit harder to convert depending on what kind of set piece it is. Believe me Mr Henry strikers are very important, they are just about the reason football (or soccer) is played. The other players are there because of the strikers, the defenders and goalkeeper are there to make sure that opposition strikers dont score and the midfielders are there to supply the strikers with chances to score. Without strikers, the game of football would be one big yawn and Liverpool because they virtually have no strikers are one big yawn at the moment Mr Henry.

    You did mention in your letter that you are thinking about the future when recruiting new players but I would have thought (in my humble opinion) that to have a brighter future one needs to take care of the present otherwise if everything breaks down, then there will be no future. I can understand your reluctance to spend after the money that was wasted last season, but was haggling over an extra million or two and just about declaring an embargo on vital transfers really the way to go?

    I can see that you are a big fan of Financial Fair Play Mr Henry and cant wait for its implementation, but I would curb my enthusiasm if I were you as it is most likely that this noble idea will probably come to nought. We at Liverpool seem to be the only ones who think that this will happen as everyone else around us is spending like there is no tomorrow. I can bet you Mr Henry that when the time comes for UEFA to implement FFP, the rich clubs will run to the ever willing European Union Court of arbitration (or something) who will declare the restrictions a restraint of trade or something along those lines. It is all good investing in the youth, unfortunately as someone once said "you hardly win anything with kids". Just ask Mr Arsene Wenger who has spent time and effort grooming young players only for them to leave for teams willing to spend money. Grooming young players can be a frustrating process unless one does not mind the financial rewards it sometimes brings, but success, it does not.

    All in all I do appreciate your trying to explain the whole fiasco, it is unfortunate that to me quite a bit of it got lost in translation.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mel N.

    P.S. With your extensive contacts Mr Henry, you wouldnt happen to know a billionaire prince or sheik who could lend us a billion or two, would you?

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    • I agree mostly with Mel n but when I attepted to rate the piece only one star showed instead of four ( sorry Mel)

    • What a load of crap all chat and no action

    • What a sad individual if you ever send this letter which I doubt you will. The board wouldn't even read it

    • mel n...suggest u print out u letter to JH and address it to him care of Fenway Park Boston or some such address u think he may just receive it at. Maybe its what we should all be doing instead of putting up insightful...most of us...posts and then replying to each other on this board we should be making sure JH receives our opinionds directly. Then maybe if he is truly interested in our club and what it really means to the worldwide support he will start to act instead of talk and take on responsibility instead of putting all his energy into trying to deflect blame for the farce that we are fast becoming in the football world ..example...ship Andy C out with no cover and a week later press reports appear that we want a recall of the lad in Jan ! ?? You couldnt make it up could u ?
      I read on the board here that JH has a team of analysts he employs to run the rule over all things LFC...it would not surprise me if we werent a lot more relevant on our board than just being chit-chatters; were I one of those analysts one of the first orders of the day would be to run a check on all major LFC fan chat boards to check the pulse of the worldwide support if u know how the vast majority of the support feel on certain major issues then u know the general health of the club and if u can diagnose that then there is a good chance u can also come up with the cure for our current malaise.

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      • Colin thats a very good point..

        While we debate amongst each other how the club should be run about the present & future of LFC.

        It's highly unlikely anybody officially tied to the club, will read any of these messages.

        So perhaps we should email as well send letters to J.W Henry directly.

        Although saying that we'd only get back a reply if any? From some secretary giving us some standard reply.