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  • Colyn Colyn Sep 5, 2012 12:16 Flag

    cast your minds back

    Here's another article that puts a positive light on things


    It seems a few of us (apart from the SOS people) have shed most of te doom and gloom fo now and are actually looking at things as they are.

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    • The problem with promoting young players is it's far easier to bring in one or two into a winning side when the pressure is off.High expectation can damage some of these kids ('cos thats all a lot of them are)In the good old days a kid may spend 2-3 yrs in the reserves before he became a regular.A few of these guys have to move and start at a lower level and get experience before they flourish.(Ince,kacaniklic, Guthrie, Hammill etc.
      The urban myth about fergie winning it with kids, That squad had schmeical,irwin,parker,bruce,Pallister,keane,cole Mclair, cantona as well as the "kids" (scholes as an example only made 18 starts in all competions) Yes they played but they came into a relatively successful team which was winning quite a few games.
      Can we be sure that a lot of injuries at a later date in a players career are not related to the amount of football they played whilst still developing? Owen,Gerrard,etc.
      The game although less physical now is much much faster,turning,sprints etc are all done at a much more intense level of even 10 years ago.Risking your investment and time spent developing these players is another way of wasting money.Just like buying a guy then loaning him out the season after!

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      • Much of those names you mention there were purchased after the so called kids started coming through the united side. I'm certainly not going to dig through Wiki to prove you worng though. You are right they didn't all just land at once, it was spread over a number of seasons but Hansens comment isn't world famous for talking about seasoned professionals is it?

    • Its a good read, obviously its red tinted glasses to the max but it puts good cases across in most terms. I think most of us have graduated from the phase of Anger at the transfer window, clutching at straws in old timers out of contract, realisation of reduced expectations, acceptance in youth development and playing style.