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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Sep 5, 2012 22:58 Flag

    cast your minds back

    Colin I think this is the second post where you've called me out this issue of player young players, and since you've misrepresented my thoughts here I'll respond here.

    Yes there are some great players who have emerged as youngsters, some even as teenagers, and maybe we have one of those few on our hands with Sterling. However the vast majority of footballers don't peak till much later in life, with many not capable of playing first team football until they are in their early 20s (I never said anyone under 25 should not be in the first team that is complete nonsense.)

    In my view if a player is good enough to play he should play regardless of age, almost exactly what BR, the man you seem so critical of as of late, has said. That means they are both physically ready, technically ready, as well as mentally ready to run with the big boys. But if they are not good enough then you have to ask why they are being thrown in the deep end, and also ask will the toll of early failure hurt them more than help them.

    But lastly just saying "play the kids" seems a silly thing to say in my view, unless you know they are good enough compared with other options. We do seem to have a few right now who are good enough, and a coach with the attitude that he'll play the best 11 regardless of age. But in the past when you've made this blanket statement I'm not sure we have had kids that were good enough. I don't follow the youth team closely, but you have to ask if these kids you've talked up so much in the past were so good why after they've been released or sold on have they not got first team football at a top club?

    Where is Nemeth now? A series of loans as he could not get into the Olyimpiacos side, and now with a smaller Dutch club. How about Dalla Valle, one I think you championed? Could not get into the Fulham side, so now on loan at Exeter. There are others who of course have done better, and I'm sure you might bring up Ince. Yes he's doing well at Blackpool but doing well at a Championship side, and being someone who we pin our hopes on to improve LFC are two completely different things.

    Needs may necessitate that we play youth in the coming months, and I do hope the likes of Sterling will prove to be that one in a hundred player who as a teenager can stand among men. So far he looks the real deal. I hope the same for young Adam Morgan also, whose drive and determination are hard not to admire. But I'm not sure he's up to the grade yet, and in my view could use some game time where he can develop his technical skills, and so important as a striker, his confidence, rather than risk it being bruised as he finds life playing against the best center backs in the world is not quite the same thing as U17 academy football.