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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 5, 2012 10:16 Flag

    Is this really such a bad side?


    And a back up 11 of:


    Reserve: Doni,Suso, Flanagan,Ngoo

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    • Colin,

      Always happy to admit my mistake, I was indeed intending to use the word clamouring much as I believe you meant lexicologist rather than grammarian!

      With regard to KK, I have the upmost respect from what he achieved at the club as a player and in his earlier stint as manager. However I think his 2011 appointment was a mistake which knocked some of the lustre off his reputation. His age meant it would never have been a long term appointment, his absence from the game meant he was out of touch with what is required of the modern manager (e.g. his press handling during the Suarez affair), and while he made some good appointments (Luis and Jose), there were also some turkeys (Adam and Carroll at the price). This is not 'dissing' (or disrespecting for those who respect the English language), simply my opinion.

      I believe BR will prove to be an inspired appointment which will bring back the style of play that we love. This will not happen overnight so he must be given time. You call him a 'Yes man' (as you have ad nauseam in other posts), but would a confrontation with FSG at such an early stage really have helped to give him the time to deliver his plan or simply have led to an early demise and the start of another manager merry-go-round?

      I would agree that we wait and see what progress we make this season. In the meantime I would hope we all continue to support the club INCLUDING the manager.


    • dsteer...I have not at any point stated that BR shoudnt be given time , I did not start to criticise Benitez until his 4th season with us, I wasnt happy during Roys tenure but was prepared to se how we performed over a season with him in charge and I supported the appointment of Kenny having lobbied for it for three seasons disliking intensely the lack of style with Benitez tactics.
      I will support the team the club and our manager BR BUT I will not be told by u or anyone else to bottle my opinions ... if I think hes a YES-MAN for the owners I will say so..I do happen to think thats what he is...but that shouldnt assume I think he is a poor coach and his tactics are wrong far from it...if u believe support means never criticising certain aspects of a managers personality or some of his actions/reactions and simply zipping it and blindly following the leader good luck pal but dont expect me to conform to u way of thinking. You wish to use a bit of humour a bit of irony Im all for that and it can at the very least perhaps raise a wry smile but marching lock-step follow the Leader ? No thanks pal ...not for me.
      I think there is a good chance BR will have us playing ATTRACTIVE football Im up for that Im not subscribing to u fanatical belief that FFP will set things to rights too many variables and plenty of loopholes and ...Platini in charge. Jason has a very good take on it and leans a little more to u way of seeing it than mine but he manages to get his point across in a far more succinct manner than u.You may wish to check it out.
      I believe the owners like most things American tend to be too extreme one way or the other spend fortunes on players whose value was clearly inflated or refuse to stump up an extra 3mill squid to have cover in Dempsey for the departed Andy C? All of this is water under the bridge now and we have a whole season to set things to rights...the one good thing to come out of the transfer window imo is that as I have been advocating for a long time now...the kids are gettinfg their chance instead of being wrapped in cotton wool as some on this board have constantly suggested they should be for fear of damaging their frail physiques or delicate psychology......and look how well they are doing !

    • Colin, no need for Bob to defend me, but now I have a chance to be on the board maybe I can talk for myself.

      Yes I got my Spanish regions mixed up, sorry about that, and if I offended anyone of Spanish origin please forgive me. And, I'll go even further the next time a debate starts on here, where geography of the Iberian Peninsula is critical I'll defer to you to tell me what's what. Of course if the critical element is scripture maybe both of us should let Bob talk however.

      But to the point at hand, "is this really such a bad side?" I think maybe we should take you at your word:

      " let’s give BR a full season then compare see what silverware is in the trophy room see what competitions we were runners-up FA CUP ? Also most importantly see where we end up in the League...what do u say?”

      I say what a very good idea. Rather than jump the gun before a ball is kicked in anger that BR is a Yes man, and selling off players to benefit the owners financially, or bemoan the loss of favorite players, and point to the poor results in just the first 3 league games to back one up, I say let’s give the man some time.

      Let's see if his tactical ideas actually work once the club has taken them on board.

      Let's see if the players he's brought in actually make the squad better, than the squad that contained the players he decided to let go.

      Let's see how we do over a season. Can we do better than 8th, and still be competitive in the cups.

      So I say to you yes, let's see.

    • BOB...In the spirit of Equal Opportunity and all that good stuff your Geography seems better than Steers but wonder about u English Grammar....a Grammarian it seems u are not. eg I was never :clambering: to get rid of Benitez think the word u were searching for was CLAMOURING ...Yes ?
      I didnt at the time nor do I now think CLAMOURING for Benitez out and Kenny in was a mistake. I still think Kenny should have been given one more season with his signings left intact to see how things progressed...were u booing at Wembley when we won THE LEAGUE CUP ? Were u booing at Wembley when Andy C scored TWO goals running Terry ragged in FA CUP FINAL? We very nearly took the FA CUP and had it gone to extra time would have. Were u booing at Anfield the week after FA CUP FINAL when Andy C ran Terry ragged again and we slaughtered Chelski?....I dont think so....
      So what exactly was the mistake in employing Kenny again?
      Of course its good to see how much respect u have for Kenny as u demonstrated in u one post here and interesting to see how quickly on the same thread that respect turns into dissing the man.

    • BOB...nope dont think steer has committed any crime against me in a past life...but then maybe he has maybe if I had a degree in
      Comparative Religion I would be better equipped to answer the question ?
      As for GCSE in Geography ...wouldnt know sunshine we never took them; back in my day it was GCE O Level and
      GCE A Level before it ratched down the standard to become GCSE when it was realised that not enough were passing at the higher standard of GCE Level...doubt that Steer has the required grey matter to pass Geography at GCSE with thre idea that Barcelona is to be located in Basque country ? Funny how steer had to wait on u to defend him rather than simply having a bit of a laugh and responding himself...u see hes thekind of bloke who never likes to admit to being wrong...u hadnt noticed that...hes always ever so REASONABLE and ever so RIGHT...Anyway what r u... his big bro come to defend him in the school playground ?
      To move on...to football matters...Yes correct I lobbied for Benitez out with countless thousands of others members of the Worldwide Support and I was ecstatic to see the back of the man. I also enthusiastically wished for Kenny to be appointed and was over the moon when he was, I was unhappy to see him dismissed by the owners in the way he was and still am I was happy to have BR appointed and thought he would be good for the club a young football tactically savvy coach BUT now Im not so sure about him as suspect hes a YES MAN for the owners and doesnt seem to possess anything like the authority I thought he would.I believe we paid too much for the players signed during Kennys time but nobody seems to be moaning about Suarez or Enrique or Coates ? I dont believe that ANY of the players he signed were RUBBISH as some seem to and my point of view seems to be being vindicated by Scottish and English and Uraguayan managers.who continue to include intheir squads his signings. Kenny was given one season by the owners ...imo if u wish to compare progress under BR as opposed to Kenny lets give BR a full season then compare see what silverware is in the trophy room see what competitions we were runners-up FA CUP ? Also most impofrtantly see where we end up in the League...what do u say ? Please dont reply with ...Yeah BUT Kenny had all this money from the owners because when he arrived BR had all of Kennys signings plus some money from the owners and was BR innocent in this matter of letting go Carrol lets face it he touted him FOR SALE since DAY 1 I wouldnt call that inn ocence in this Andy C affair would u ? Under recall if u were Andy C would u want to come back and play for him in Jan ?

    • Colin,

      Has dsteer committed some terrible crime against you in a former life? I ask this because when you are not posting to bemoan the inadequacies of FSG you seem to spend most of your time having a pop at Dave. So he mixed up the Basque region with Catalonia, I'd never realised this board was part of the GCSE Geography assessment!

      We have all made mistakes in the past, I can remember a certain 62 year old fan clambering to get rid of Benitez so as to bring back King Kenny. Tell me how did that masterful piece of strategic planning work?

      So in the words of JC (Jesus Christ that is, not John Cleese), "let he who is without sin cast the first stone".



    • I'd switch Borini for Downing as I think he's better..

    • It's not, but I do have to say it is a little light up front. The back 4 both starting and back up is very strong and should compete with most in the league. I'd say the same for the middle 3, and I do think if Shelvey keeps progressing and once Lucas is fit again BR is going to have a very hard time picking his midfield.

      But upfront other than Suarez I think we lack real top shelf class. Sterling is very, very promising and lets all hope he keeps progressing, but just as I won't write off a player after a couple bad outings I won't name one the new messiah after a couple good days at the office. Borini I'd say we need to be patient with. It's early days, and he's only 21 so what I say about Sterling needs to be applied to him in reverse. But Cole and Downing are not top shelf and never will be. Maybe good enough for squad places, but neither is likely to be a 15+ goal scorer for us.

      But one thing I have been thinking about since last Friday, and the outcry for a lack of a new number 9, and the complaints about us not landing Dempsey, is the thought maybe a new number 9 was never the target, and would not help us anyway.

      Dempsey is a goal scorer of course but he's no number 9. He's an advanced midfielder who has been played as a winger or striker with good effect. Some might call him a false number 9! Does that sound familiar to a certain Basque club which some think BR is trying to emulate? Does that also not sound familiar to the role Stevie has played, or what I think JonJo might develop into? Just a thought.

    • Not at all

      You've forgotten Assaidi, Yesil and Pacheco too.

    • The funny thing is that Liverpool teams have always looked good on paper, bristling with internationals from major football countries. They've always been among the best represented team in World Cups, European Championships etc.

      The problem is they can't perform on the field.