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  • Bob Bob Sep 6, 2012 14:13 Flag

    Is this really such a bad side?

    Excellent post.

    A lot of the perennial prophets of doom on here seem to have lost sight of a few key truths:

    a) BR is trying to introduce a different style of play which will take time. We saw some flashes of it against City but it may take months before it is truly embedded. I’ve seen a lot of Swansea over the last 18 months and if we can play with their poise but a better end result because of our players then I for one would be happy.

    b) Joe Allen looks as good a purchase as we have made in years. Borini and Sahin have virtually no Premiership experience between them so will take time to adjust, but if BRs judgement on Allen is anything to go by I would suggest we give him the benefit of the doubt on their purchase.

    c) Whether out of necessity or not, BR is having to blood new players (e.g. Stirling), or put greater reliance on them (e.g. Shelvey). From what I have seen so far these players are stepping up brilliantly and will only improve with more top level exposure.

    d) Much as I respect Kenny for his former glories, some of his acquisitions were frankly awful so it is right that we have a bit of a clear out (e.g. Adam) and try to get control of the inflated wage bill (e.g. the loan of Carroll).

    e) We are not Man City or Cheski so we cannot afford to simply buy success. We will instead have to be cleverer and build something over time. Of course some will say we have been without sustained success for some time but the blame for that can hardly be laid on the current incumbents.

    It has been frankly a little depressing to see people who I had thought were fans calling for “FSG out” or taking a pop at BR already. Yes we all want LFC to be a success, but continuing the short term mentality will get us nowhere other than perhaps having the same conversation this time next year.

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