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    what do we all actually want?

    Obviously most of us on here want a successful LFC again.But we all seem to have differing opinions on how to achieve it,and how quickly it should/could be done.
    Now being honest please could we have a grown up discussion on how we think this great club of ours should do this?
    The "lets spend 400 million on a new ground and 200 million on players now"people will have to go and play with their ps3s ( you know who you are armchair)
    But instead of the name calling and mud slinging let's have constructive opinions.Do we want a sound financial base to enable us to build a new dynasty or is it more rewarding to go down an immediate route and spend big even though that does not guarentee success? (ONE BAD INJURY TO MR 35 MILLION STRIKER AND WHOOPS THERE GOES TOP FOUR)The other side of the coin,he doesn't get crocked scores 30 goals and hello champions league.The money spent gets you back in the money which generates more money!

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    • How about a LFC where FSGs higher ups dont stick there noses in and just supply the cash and do as the manager says?

      Surley not to much too ask?


    • Good thread bt.

      I think I start off by saying I agree most people on here do actually want the best for the club even if we do have heated disagreements on how to get from A to B. But also I think as fans we often think with our hearts rather than our heads. I know I do this, but I try to be realistic in understanding like everything in life there are forces outside our control, and when you have a setback you have to try to get back up, rather than assume the world is against you, or in the case of LFC trying to find scapegoats whether that be the manager, the owner or the latest signing who has yet to meet expectations.

      For the club, I want ambition, but also realism. I want sound financial management but all profits the club can generate both from TV and prize money, commercial deals, and game day revenues invested back into the club. I don't want the club to mortgage our future and take unnecessary risks with borrowed money. I don't begrudge any owner who has used his own money to invest to realize a profit, but I want them to have a long view, so they'll start taking profit whether as a yearly dividend, or a selling of the club after it has reached what I consider its natural level which is solid top 4 and a realistic contender for the title. Personally I think that is better for the club, but also better for the owners as it will maximize their gain in the long run, even if it means they see little profit as the project is developing.

      I'd prefer to see homegrown players, both academy graduates and young players bought from the lower leagues or smaller clubs developed as the core of the squad. But when we do dip into the transfer market for established players I expect players of top or near top shelf quality.

      From the supporters I want a dose of realism and maybe a moment of pause for reflection before they weigh in on the latest setback. We are not the Liverpool of the 70s or 80s, so let’s not pretend we are. We are a once great club that has fallen on hard times, on and off the pitch but are fighting to get back to the top. I want patience, and an understanding that until proven (and not assumed or guessed) most people if not all people associated with the club whether on the pitch the training ground or in the board room are working and doing their best for the club. They may not all measure up, but try not to buy into conspiracy theories that they are deliberately trying to hut the club.

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      • DSTEER...Some may have suggested or implied that there was something of the asset stripper about the owners current business model for our club but that isnt to say these people are out and out ASSET STRIPPERS.Many have suggested they dont know what theyre doing butr that doesnt imply they are as u put it DELIBERATELY TRYING TO HURT THE CLUB. As I stated previously put me up ONE post off this board that directly states from the poster that in their opinion the owners or others connected at whatever level to our club are ...DELIBERATELY TRYING TO HURT THE CLUB.

      • 100% agree with you i have read on numerous LFC forums people say that our owners are trying to deliberately ruin our great club but i totally disagree. Any person in any business would have to be suicidal to deliberately try to ruin what they own it doesn't make sense to do that. We as supporters of a great club with great history MUST be patient above all else our club has almost been obliterated by previous owners overspending and borrowing on the back of it at least the current owners have admitted to making mistakes and are now not willing to make a repeat of them. Lets just wait and see what the future holds. I predict a bright one ahead

      • DSTEER....Please can u supply us with just ONE example of a poster...not a Manc infiltrator....who has put up a post suggesting that there are those working for the club who are as u put it...deliberately trying to hurt the club .

    • Would like realism exhibited by support in relation to so called incoming FFP rules ...accept that we are the only ones that are basing our current actions around the arrival and implementation of this ruling...accept that its highly likely that this thing will have a REAL bark and no bite as top clubs employ best corporate accountants to indulge in round after round of CREATIVE ACCOUNTING to get around anything in this FFP that might in anyway represent an obstacle to them.
      Far more emphasis placed on youth bringing our kids through regularly and making it policy to do so keeping starters constantly on their toes.
      If Rogers tici taca to be th eorder of the day every one of our sides all the way down through the academy to be trained daily via this system.
      A viable conduit to be installed between head office in Boston and Anfield no more cock-ups like the transfer window debacle
      A regular quaterly report to be issued by JH and Associates from Head Office to the Worldwide Support giving update on progress towards new stadium. I mean the other day he was talking and saying this isnt about the next six months its about the next 16 yrs...so lets get regular progress reports from JH every 3 months on whats happening with the new stadium.....THOUGHTS ?
      No more long contracts on big money for the likes of Konchesky Aquilani Cole that Jovanovitch bloke wasnt that his name finally went to some club in Belgium after leaching about 80k a week off us for spectating...who brought him in ?
      Paid visits to Boston for selected spokespersons for such fans pressure groups such as Spirit of Shankly to make their members views known to JH and Associates personally face to face...this to happen twice annually.

    • A happy medium I think.
      - No more long contracts for incoming 30+ year olds
      - Only big transfer fees for players 26 and younger
      - To target up and coming talent in the 18-24 yr old range

      I would rather see us spending money on Walcotts and Sturridges then the Dempseys of this world although I do note he could have made a big difference to our American support base.

      I think we are trying to do the right things, all the players Brendan has brought in have work ethic along with skill. We had years of Benitez' grafters who at one stage had a balance between skill and effort but slowly leaned more toward work and no skill.

    • That seems reasonable - I'll have a go at what I want:-

      1) I want the club to have an ambition of winning trophys and a philosophy on how they want to go about it.
      2) I want everyone at the club - owners, chief exec, managers and players - to understand and share that vision.
      3) I want the club to appoint the very best chief exec and management team it can afford AND who buy into 1) above.
      4) I want people in the club who dare to succeed
      5) I want people in the club who learn from their mistakes and don't waste time trying to spin blame onto other people
      6) I want for the management structure of the club to be given time (a minimum of two years but more like 5) to get it right.
      7) I want the club to communicate all of this to its supporters.
      8) I want everyone involved in the club to give 100% to perform to the best of their ability.

    • I'll come from a slightly different angle if I may.

      Can we please have a club that is managed correctly, well and as a single unit?

      the theory is simple. Every person works together to reach the same conclusion. Success for the firt team on the pitch.
      That means that every Liverpool side are set up and do exactly the same things as the first 11. It all works in that direction. The manager is a key person, they direct football strategy and the drection the club goes. Everyone works with that same aim and direction.

      Perhaps then we can avoid the crazy transfer screws we've suffered for a number of years, over paying for players, players actually fit within the system i.e no Carrolls who's strength is with his head not his feet.

      Club revenues are driven towards providing the best for the first 11.

      we have balance.

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      • Noo Noo that sounds reasonable..

        If the youth / reserves play the same tactics as BR does for the first team, then when we do need to blood a player from the youth team they're already playing the same style as the 1st team..

        Yes we should have a solid financial base. Otherwise we collapse.

        I think we shouldn't just blow the money on one player as you said "if they're crocked for the rest of the season..." etc..

        We should be aiming to spend around the £20- 25m mark. We've proven thats possible with Torres, Suarez etc..

        Ok Torres moved on but my point is £25m for example still gets a very good player.

        Yes I've said I want a new stadium. However didn't FSG promise a new stadium for LFC when taking over?

        If we're able to buy a star player as well as a backup then thats worth it isn't it?

        Or would we prefer to have a crop of average players? Average players = an average team..