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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Sep 6, 2012 00:12 Flag

    Harry Kewell's a free agent....

    .. and has been reportedly turning up at EPL club training grounds uninvited begging and pleading for a contract after giving the royal finger to his club in Melbourne, citing 'family reasons'.


    Or aren't we THAT desperate?

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    • I think there is a bit of harshness toward Kewell on here! He didnt turn out to be as good as we hoped but there was bright patches. When he arrived he was smashing them in and then that wonder goal against Everton when Gerrard go sent off early. He played a part in that record breaking run when we went 11 games without conceding playing on the left with Stevie on the right. He was horrendously injury prone and always took 5-6 games to get fit when he could put 5-6 games together!

      I remember when Rafa took over the first thing he said he thought was "Yes! I've got Harry Kewell!" then when he left he had actually turned done a contract extension because it was half his previous deal. I imagine he wouldnt be fit enough but a pay as you play never hurt anyone.

    • He was awful before although injury didn't help. being a bit harsh the only two good things I remember Kewell doing were getting injured in Istanbul (it forced Rafa's hand) and leaving.

      No thanks. Second thoughts can he make tea? If the tea lady plays then we need a tea maker.

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      • No way do we want him back! he was dreadful, worse than Downing and now, sadly for him, crocked. Give the youth in our squad a chance. At eighteen you are old enough to drive, marry, join the armed forces but not it seems be considered good enough or experienced enough for the EPL. Connor Coady and Raheem Sterling prove the lie of that! They can get us through til january at least imo.

    • Been there done that..

      Unless he's happy to play on pay as he plays system?

      Maybe stick him in the box as say you're the striker just bury them..

    • Could we afford the medical bills?