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    Is Gerrard finished?

    Reason I ask is look at the amount of midfielders we have now..

    Allen could well be Gerrards replacement long term..

    I don't think it'll be too long until Gerrard requests a transfer..

    Most likely destination is the US where all the old war horses go to out to pasture ..

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    • I would give up thinking if I were you.

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      • Haha..

        Oh dear, Loki, I was eating an apple when I read yours and it nearly went down the wrong way, calling it an end to my career!

        To answer the question, no, of course he's not finished by any stretch of the imagination. Jose' has life sized posters of Stevie all over his office and home bedroom, presumably adding to Cristiano's sadness, and if he became available, to this day, I still believe Jose/Madrid would snap him up in a minute and park his ass right next to Xabi..

        What I do think needs to be done, based on our new tactics, is find a role for him that is defined and have him relish and accept it. For me, I'd have him deeper, next to Allen so Allen is your anchorman picking up the ball from Reina and distributing it quickly to Gerrard, who could in turn take a few strides and then spray the ball around, ala Xabi-esque...

        I think this would benefit Sahin and Gerrard. Sahin is the one who needs to have more of the freedom at this point since he's the most gifted, presently of all the lot, excluding perhaps Jonjo. I guess this would on paper shape out more of a 4-2-3-1, which of course could still play it's way out to 4-3-3, just having Sahin a bit advanced. I think keeping him deep or too restricted will not allow us to see the best of what he can do, and why he was Bundesliga player of the year and snapped up by Fail Madrid..

    • I predict Gerrard will request a transfer the same day that Giggs and Terry request theirs.


    • No, not for me. I think he has matured as a player a fair bit. His form isnt astounding but to be honest you quite often see players get a bit older and then start the season a little slower then they used to. He gave away the ball against WBA that got Agger sent off and played a part in the Arsenal opener but look at his England form at the Euro's. He doesnt have the school boy dig us out of trouble sprint and strike like he used to but he is staying fit and playing slightly more disciplined. With the legs and close passing of Allen and Sahin I think we will see a good year from him.

      There has been quiet murmurings of him adapting a false 9 position when needed and that could be an exciting avenue. I rmember Rafa saying unlike most players he probably wont move backward as he gets older but will probably convert to a striker. He still has pace but maybe not as rangey a run in him, give him the ball 40 yards from goal and he will move quickly towards it! If his legs go then be worried but they havent yet, have some faith in the greatest LFC player of our generation.

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      • I know this wont go down well with some but think Stevie is a victim of the rigid BR tici taca strategy...his style doesnt suit BR so hes pushed him to far fw in the hope of curbing his enthusiasm for the 40/50 yd defense splitting passes. Problem is it makes it much easier for opposition defenses to pick him up and neutralise him. I think the solution is as others have suggested play him deeperbut yet still in the hole but deep and give him also the freedom to roam about the midfield if thats what suits him at a particular point in any game...Im sure we still have our CaptainFantastic ...Its just a question of the manager making better use of him because if he doesnt I feel Stevie will quickly become disillusioned with the current scene and will want to be on his way to finish his career elsewhere.

    • No not yet.

      He's off the pace at the moment for sure but I think he can sort it. In my opinion (See Pink Custard analysis) I think he's just a little teeny bit too advanced up the pitch which is making him a bit too predictable and easy to mark. Sit a little deeper, become easier find with the ball, get him facing forward rather than with his back to goal and then get him moving into the space between the opposition midfield and defensive line rather than parking himself there and saying "here I am."