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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Sep 6, 2012 08:05 Flag

    Has it been a blessin...

    .. in disguise?

    Meaning this transfer window we didn't get any star players..

    So it's saved us money and the youngsters get a chance to prove themselves.

    So the likes of Morgan, Sterling.. will get the chances to play in the 1st team than they otherwise wouldn't have.

    Maybe these kids will surpass our expectations and we won't need to buy in January?

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    • Have you been drinking armchair? Of late you seem to making more and more sensible comments!

      I think this is the only way we can look at things now, because it just is, what it is. By January we should be able to tell whether the kids can cut it now or if they show signs that they ever will, that is a luxury not often afforded on youngsters at our club. I look forward to seeing Adam Morgan get a run of the bench and in the cups.

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      • Hobs...I think its marvellous that we have ben FORCED to use our kids ! To a chorus of boos from the Usual-Suspects Ive been advocating getting the talented kids we have in there for a season now.All the GREATS in our game debuted at a young age showed there value and established themselves quickly...its total nonesense that players should be nursed along till they are about 23 before making debuts as starters.
        Im hoping Pacheco gets his chance with a run of starts have high hopes for this kid and have no idea why we were trying to loan him out to some club in Spain ? Also what was BR doing talking about Loaning Rahim Sterling out before regular season opened ...doesnt say a great deal for his judgement of our kids' talent does it ? I doubt very much that had he not been let down so badly by the owners he would have been so ready to give our kids the chances they look like they might get now.
        I do believe that BR is on a brief from the owners to run a very small squad on a tight wage budget...nothing wrong with keeping wages in check imo but you are flying on a wing and a prayer with no real depth in u squad if we have a spate of injuries we could find ourselves far from top 4 and battling to stave off relegation.

    • Posted something similar on my thread. Possibly but we'll still need to buy come January which in itself isn't good because everybody knows what we need and the January market is always inflated anyway.

      A better question would be would Carroll be recalled. My feeling is no as I honestly don't think he'll play for us again. While he did well in his first West Ham game it was all done with his head. No where near the game that we will hope to play under Rodgers so it's all about getting what ever we can back financially. Yet another bad deal we've done.