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  • Jason Jason Sep 6, 2012 17:53 Flag

    Great News Internationally..

    Seen that England U-21's won 2-0 and Jonjo scored a goal..

    And, just two minutes into their match, Germany U-19's have taken a 1-0 lead over England through.... you guessed it! #9 Samed Yesil!

    Cavani who?

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    • Moving on, back to the topic..

      I was not able to see the England match, but noticed that Gerrard had come off after about 45, or halftime.. can anyone confirm if it was just standard or was he injured? (and how the hell did 3 Lions score 5)

      I noticed, my Olympic and pre-world cup favorite and our buddies Uruguay got blasted by Colombia 4-0 last night, and Suarez not only did not feature, but was not even in the squad from what I could see.. so I hope I'm not the bearer of bad news there..

      At least Borini didn't play, so we've got 1..

    • Dave,

      For me, I just think it's important that while not everyone believes it will work in a particularly way or another, but at least acknowledges it surely does exist, isn't a myth and teams are adhering to it, or planning to, as we speak.

      It just so happens that our owners, and 2-3 others, seem more vocal about it, and acting to a "T", whereas others are maybe slowly implementing methods of it, reluctantly dealing with it, or in some large cases like I pointed out in PSG, Madrid, perhaps Chelsea, and some of these Russian / Asian / Middle Eastern clubs, totally ignoring it all together for the moment..

      And the reason I wanted to bring it up, and it made it's way into this thread which is sort of out of it's element is that we've all be up in arms now, though slowly calming the waters, with what happened in the transfer market, seeing Henry's letter, hearing about this, and then seeing Henry mention FFP again, and tying it all into something that it's not... a conspiracy theory or a way of our own owners using it to some false advantage to benefit themselves..

      I 100% agree with Colin, and I even raised the question when speaking to Bobby in that q/a I did, that I'm not sure Uefa or Platini has to the stones to really make a mark when put to the test, but, even if he/they lack that, they should at least have the balls to govern all 200 some clubs competing in Europe with regards to their financial behavior starting as of the end of this past window and when the books get handed over on 1/1/2013.

      I just don't like it being levied as a stone to throw at a situation that doesn't exist, ie- FSG taking us for a ride. While maybe they are being slightly over cautious with FFP, in addition to their structured method of how they want to run the club, I'd say it for the 1000th time, it's a mirror image of the blue print they ran in Boston. Now, obviously this is a different pond of fish all together, but after 2 years now they've seen the error of their ways in many regards, and just saw a big one last week, even if it was someone else in the food chain's fault, but they have a concept that's worked, and from a very very far macro view, it can work in soccer too. Just not as quickly, whereas the parody, like Colin says, and you see living in the states, is very great and changes over every single year in every league..

      It's all going to take some getting used to, and while any hopes of me ever seeing Cavani in Red are nothing more than a dream, especialy now, if 2 years from now, all these chips fall into place we'll all be very happy campers.

    • I heard, the kid has a great scoring record, hes likened to Drogba in playing style, there was me thinking he was a little whippet.

      Shelvey also got an assist for Caulkers goal so a pretty special outing for him.

      Heard Leverkusen have an option to buy Yesil back, Barcelona style, that seems a bit stupid.

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      • Someone in England came up with that "Drogba" comparison .. They nicknamed him Gerd (Muller) in Germany, and he has good size, probably closer to Torres now..

        From the limited times I've seen him, which are few, it's hard to say exactly who he compares to as a striker, but it wouldn't be Drogba, so I suppose if sticking to Germany, a little bit like Gomez, with exceptional footwork and the ability to finish further outside the box, where Gomez is the ultimte in the box poacher.

        As for the buyback, yep, he has it smack right in the middle of his contract, and I believe it's for exact same amount we paid, so in essence, if we don't work something out with him, or he doesn't enjoy his time, becomes a loan. Right now Leverkeusen hhave Kiebling and Shcurrle, but if either moves on, it could become an issue if we don't clear that up..

    • So I've heard, many a time.. In fact, I love it and endorse it..

      My own dedication to Liverpool fans and Scousers everywhere (seems we're still play WBA away haha)

    • I'm having a nice little chat with myself here, but obviously most will know by now that my favorite part of everything is following players, and our players..

      Hopefully, and I REALLY do, some will find this encouraging to know that my boy Yesil scored 2 goals today for Germany U-19's in their 3-1 victory over England.

      Why is that encouraging? Well not that it needs explanation really, but he comes with such a great pedigree and reputation even at his age, that the fact he's out with his country, a top top class, at that, but scoring for fun, getting fit and hopefully brings it back with him to Melwood because he will be put through reserves rather quickly.

      I don't expect the kid to bang in 20 this year.. but who knows really? Either way, it's exciting to me, and especially to know for the 1M we spent on someone so highly rated when others were in the hunt too..

      As for why he's not up in a higher age group, well, Germany has a list of young, class strikers/players longer than the list of holes in the FA ..