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    SOSs calls for Liverpool based Chief Exec

    SOSs recent letter to the owners made what I think is an excellent suggestion about this. They can tell him/her the amount of transfer kitty thereby avoiding f*ck ups like last Friday. Then Brendan doesn't have to go cap in hand on every deal and can plan properly.

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    • I too thought Ian Ayres chief exec?

    • I'm a bit confused by this. I thought Ian Ayes was the Chief executive, or equivalent, and was already based on Liverpool.

      Either I'm confused on his role which I thought was to run the club day to day on behalf of the owners, or the SOS suggestion is that he's not up to the job, but have said it in a very long handed way.

      But to be fair, is this really a new problem? Think back to the Moores’ days, which some of us might look back on with rose tinted glasses before H&G came in. However even with an owner, and entire board, and day to day management all based within the city, how many times did we miss out on targets because they dithered over how much they could or could not spend?

      So to me not sure this is a new problem, and not one that will be solved by where a certain club employee resides. In the age of near instant communication, getting on the phone from almost anywhere is as good as doing it from the training ground. How many deals has Harry done on the last day of the window while swinging a golf club? Instead my thought is whoever is tasked with the final decision needs to be given full authority to act, rather than have to check up stairs, or not be authorized to implement their own plan B if a deal falls through.

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      • That's not the 100% answer. The problem is the disconnect not who's doing what. The clubs senior management, from Rodgers upward need to be working together with the same aim and direction. It was clear to me that over the Summer that wasn't the case. Rodgers has set his direction but the money men have set their own and the two were going to clash at some point.

        had everyone been working together I'm sure different numbers would have been pushed around for Allen, Adam, Borini, and the like before we even got near Dempsey. Secondly I can only assume that it was some crazy plan to try for Dempsey at the last second to force the deal through at a reduced cost. Crazy when the player wanted to come!

    • I'm in!

      I saw on the LFC site they were looking for a new journalist, but I much prefer watching players, and the bonus of being able to buy them is a fantastic kicker..

      Loki, would you be kind enough to take my CV and pass it along?

      In all seriousness, ironically I did mention this in another thread somewhere recently, and fully believe that the thing FSG are lacking, or need to have, is one of their people sat right in a pretty little chair in the ivory towers at Melwood to be able to think, act, react, and do as they would and in the best interest of Rodgers, the fans and most importantly the club.

      Far too much disconnect, even if it is only the telephone or internet.. A person, man, woman or Jason.. not Damien Comolli of course..