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  • John John Sep 10, 2012 12:29 Flag

    Hillsborough Independent Panel

    Report due out on Wednesday I believe.

    I know they want an admission of a cover-up, but apart from that what else is there? Mistakes were made? Certain things could have been handled in a better way before the incident and afterwards? Isn't this the case with lots of tragedies?

    1. The ticket/stand allocation was wrong.

    2. The 'pens' idea was not a good one as proven by previous crushing problems at the ground.

    3. The match should have been delayed to allow late arrivals due to M62 roadworks.

    4. Crowd control should have been better and further from the ground.

    Who do you shoot? Are they still around to take the blame?

    I don't blame the Liverpool FC 'family' but I do hope this gets cleared up once and for all so we can put an end to petty nature of bickering/taunting between clubs.

    A Gooner.

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    • Bellend..............

    • It was the wrong stadium choice from the off!!

      Hillborough was too small and those metal barriers was an awful idea.. just an accident waiting to happen.. Just so sad it happened to fellow LFC fans..

      The 96.. Gone but not forgotten.. I just hope what happened never happens again.. EVER !!!

    • Just to add the support of another Utd fan for the Liverpool FC family, I hope this gives some comfort in the right quarters and please ignore the idiot troll on this thread.

      Shame on the authorities that it has taken so long for the truth to come out.

    • The lies that came out in the first place, where judged upon.
      The rozzers got away with it
      Innocent people accused

      The panel has only exposed the truth, thats all, it wasnt an inquiry.

      Now the truth is out, this should now be judged upon, in the same way, the lies where judged upon, thats why it must continue.

    • Loki, for me this is about getting the families what they need as they have been blamed, lied to, and treated beyond contempt for way to long, and they are my first priority.

      But I think I know what they'll want, and I think Kenny said it best on Twitter: "Very positive outcome. 23 yrs waiting for the truth next step justice"

    • The coroners report was wrong so it has to be corrected - full stop, even if it hurts. The cut-off time of 3.15 was an absolute disgrace and can't be allowed to stand. I disagree totally that nothing is served by taking things further. The fight is not over and has to go on until every wrong has be made right (as much as it could be).

    • I sort of agree with you. Opening up another new official investigations after squashing the previous coroner’s report may open up old wounds and do more harm than good. However I'm not sure if those wounds have every really closed, so as I also did lose anyone personally I'd defer to the family members to advise what would help them the most.

      If accepting the report, getting things out into the open finally after years of campaigning, and getting the apology from the PM on the record helps those still suffering, maybe we look to move on. But if further steps, which may only change a few words on a document, but are needed to help families still grieving put some kind of sense to the loss, then I'd support them going that extra mile.

      For me it’s a good day when light is shone on something so many for too long have wanted to keep in the shadows. It will not stop the trolls who use tragedy (as they do against other clubs such as the Munich disaster) for a cheap laugh. But it does let all of us who think loss is not something to be made fun of, see those trolls (including the Sun Newspaper) for exactly what they are.

    • First off I had no family involved and cannot for a second begin to imagine the pain and hurt suffered by the families affected, nor their frustration that it has taken so long to get to where we now are.

      Today’s release has confirmed what we have all believed for a long time, that there was a concerted cover up by the police, that lives could have been saved if different decisions had been made and that the reputations of the innocent were cruelly and cynically smeared. At long last there is also an official apology from the PM on behalf of the state.

      I do wonder however what is to be gained by yet another round of investigation or in particular by a new set of coroners reports. Yes it might change some words on a death certificate but at the price of further prolonging the pain of all concerned.

      As I say, I suffered no loss and it is not my intention to dismiss the feelings of the families. But perhaps now might be a time for focussing more on trying to remember their loved ones from when they were alive rather than another round of painful reminders of the circumstances of their death!

    • I hope it now gets a new full coroners inquest with no time cut off, let's hope the families finally get some clarity of that day.
      What some trolls do not understand is that this could have happened to any team playing there that day.

    • Well said Ian

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