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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 10, 2012 13:13 Flag

    Team to face Sunderland

    A bit early and suppose we may pick up a few knocks here and there. I dont think there will be too much diference in most peoples line ups, Shelvey could be an interesting one as well as the seemingly fit Joe Cole and Assaidi. As harsh as it may seem, I have already lost interest in Borini! Maybe he should be playing up front instead!


    Subs: Jones, Kelly, Carragher, Borini, Assaidi, Shelvey, Cole

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    • I will take the disagreement on Enrique! Ive sen plenty of him pre LFC too and I am happy enough with him, hes got bundles of pace and good feet, lookes to pass and get forward. Have to 100% agree on his delivery though, especially last season when he had a monster target to aim at.

      Borini needs time, of course he does, but he isnt justifying a place in the starting line up for me, I would fancy Suarez central more then him although I understand the logic, for me, its just easier to pop him on the bench and get some graft out of Cole, Downing or Assaidi.

    • Unfortunate that we're talking this way so early but then I guess many of us suspected that it may go this way. All I would say is that the depth of our troubles is now becoming clear for all to see.

      Back to the topic of a side for Sunderland. Not only do we have squad weaknesses we also have certain players that just aren't hiting form or are struggling to adapt to Rodgers style / tactics / whatever.

      Johnson's defensive frailties seem to have been amplified without a the structured cover in front of him and I think Gerrard is really struggling in the new set up. The points above on Enrique are also fair. Borini just cant get into the game at all.

      For me I'd stick with Johnson but reel him in a bit, well try to anyway and Gerrard? I'd play Shelvey. We need a win to add some cheer and Shelvey scored for England U21's and set up the other I believe (last Friday). he's playing well and deserves a shout. Play Borini in the middle and Suarez to his right. Lets see how that works and have either Morgan or Yesil on the bench. If it's not working give one of them at least half an hour with the message to simply go and play and enjoy it.

    • I think it's certainly fair for us to agree to disagree once in a while Hobsey, great minds can't always think alike =)..

      For me, it was a dip in the end, and also having seen him that entire week over here for the training sessions, where I had noticed some really bad plays going fwd and defensively, specifically his crosses, which in most instances (not exaggerating) missed everything. In Harvard, that meant into the woods. I believe Dave had mentioned seeing this too in the match vs Roma and Spurs. I acknowledge his change going fwd has increased, but even at his peak, when we all universally considered him the best buy last summer, noticed indecision, or lack of cutting edge once reaching the box or towards the byline..

      Regarding Borini.. not much I or anyone can say to really defend him aside from obvisouly not adapting to the wide role as he'd done in Rome, or under BR previously. It just doesn't suit his game, and I can only say that because I watch too much Serie A for anyone's liking, it sometimes hurts the eyes/brain. His wide role there was more of a counter attacking one, where he'd get a long through ball, or latch on to one at pace, and finish quite easily, or really put the keeper to the test. Now he's being asked to do what Sinclair and Dyer did, or what Sterling/Suarez and presumably Assaidi can do.. In a way, I feel for him.

      Granted not a team of any calibre worth noting, and I happened to be there, his best game I recall was vs FC Gomel, where smashed a smart finish home in a crowd and constantly troubled the CB's and keeper.. Ironic, from what I remember when not taking pictures like a lunatic, he was mostly central, or from the left..

      I just hope we don't bury the lad, he's only 21 and in the Italy squad for a reason, just think being asked to do too much..

    • I'm not in agreement about Enrique, I thought he was awesome last year until just after the Carling Cup final then he had a bit of a slide. He is one of the players whose position has changed the most with him being asked to bomb forward constantly, Gerrard, Reina, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Sahin, Borini have all started the season worse then him so he isnt doing too badly, for me anyway.
      I have to say from what I have seen (and that is minimal) Borini looks like a poor Ngog and that is not a good thing! Obviously if he nicks a goal then everything might change but I am not seeing much quality in the build up!

    • I'd go with this, but I'd stick with Borini. I do think Downing can do much better this term that last (he can't do much worse in terms of output), but let’s be fair, Borini has been given 3 league games and people are writing him off (some don't even want him on the bench) but only to be replaced by someone who it seems never settled over an entire season last year.

      As for where he lines up, to be honest I don't think it really matters. As far as who starts center and who starts wide, the TV broadcasters will tell you their best guess before kickoff, but we know Suarez is going to go all over the place running at the center backs and working the channels, and I'd hope Borini will do the same, so both will be hard to pick up.

      But I'd also agree with Jason's point. I'm not sure the status on Jose, but I think Downing at LB gives us a very different option. He may not be able to defend as well as Enrique, but on his last outing in that position he was able to get forward, and more importantly get some very dangerous balls in from wide, which I do think is the weakest side or Jose's game.

    • hobs...like u line up Id only make one change I think an exciting one...push Johnson fw to replace Downingand slot KELLY in at the back in place of Johnson.Where Borini is concerned wouldnt even have him on the bench and would give his spot on the bench to Morgan.