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    Raheem Sterling - England International

    Wow, the kid is having some sharp rise in stock since the end of last season! I know he has only been brought into the squad as a learning curve and is unlikely to make the bench but it is deserved on the start he has made to our poor season. Normally I am just plain happy to see our players in the England squad but this time there is a little bit in the back of mind worrying about other sides coming in with bids! A sign of the times I guess......

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    • Two minds on this one. He is good enough to start, or at least feature from the bench, but being so young not sure I like the idea of him being thrown in. I'd note BR was talking last week how he'd encouraged Pierce not to name him for the U21 squad and let him instead play for the U19's. Not sure if he considered he might actually instead get thrown in with the big boys.

      I know some think I might be over cautious when it comes to playing youngsters, but think back to when you yourselves were 16 or 17, and what it was like to try and play against men. Physically there is a world of difference, and while he seems like a strong lad, he's 3 or 4 years away from fully grown, so I'd hate to risk injury to one of our brightest prospects.

      Then of course there is the mental side. Last year this lad was at school and playing at the academy, and now he's playing at Wembley. Sounds like a dream come true, but it takes a very strong character that is well grounded to take that all on board and stay even keeled.

      Personally I'd prefer he be played at international level at his age group, and its his club, who decides if or when he's ready to take on first team football, not uncle Roy who is looking for a short term fix with his first choices being ill.

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      • Just another key thing to really note in all of this, and I don't think I've seen it mentioned, and it's certainly not to detract from Sterling or his ability..

        He is Jamaican born, and just 2 days ago the Coach for the Jamaican National side came out and gave a quite glamorous plea to Sterling to re-consider his roots and come play for Jamaica and be handed an auto-matic starting berth in their side..

        So, again, not to take away from Sterling, because he's certainly capable just like Oxlade, but I think it would be slightly naive to think the FA didn't have a hand in this just to keep Raheem's eyes on England in addition to his top class potential..

        I'm happy for the lad, but like Dave, I worry this may be a bit much too fast. Starting in the prem, seeing action in Europa, and getting 65"-70" with the U-19's is quite enough in a short period of time so quickly.. I use Oxlade alot in this, and he was brought along much slower..

    • He was your best player against us (The Gunners).

      Based on that performance, I would definitely give him a start.

      He looks like a great little prospect.