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  • Jason Jason Sep 11, 2012 00:08 Flag

    Give the lad #9

    His squad number, albeit temporary as he barely had time to settle before heading off, is currently 36.. I'm not aware of any striker on earth, let alone any other player who wears 36 and with him being in ridiculous form, us not adding any free agents, this boy has got to be in 1st team training as soon as he returns.

    3 goals and 1 assist in less than a week for the Germany U-19's

    Yes(il) I know the #9 comes with great responsibility and he hasn't even trained with us, and it's quite unlikely it will happen but, I have to say based on what little I had known about him before, seeing what he has done and the buzz about him, I think it would be a crime to not have him training with the 1st team & included in the team at Sunderland..

    I'm thrilled we managed to pull him off for the 1M ish we did, though that 1.3M buy back is a nasty fly in th eye... I'd imagine we have something to pad ourselves in that scenario, even if it were a number close to 10M..

    Some will say what's he done in England, with German seniors or even within our ranks? To that I'd reply, he's got about 7-8 world class options ahead of him in Germany, all of a young age I might add, he can only play where he's asked to play and against the opponent he's lined up against, and Borini won't kick a ball over 2 WC qualifiers for Italy, Morgan didn't do anything/doubt he will, and Suarez wasn't even in Uruguay's last squad that got demolished 4-0 to Colombia, so it's not exactly like we're loaded with a conundrum of choices..

    Goals are goals, and in 5 days he's got 3, including 2 against England..



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    • Seems like a decent player, only 18, more of a poacher than a predator.

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      • A poacher is fine by me if Suarez can link up with him..

      • I think you'll want to go and have a look at some video of his recent goals, and previous goals again, unless you haven't..

        He's shown dribbling skills as good as some attacking mids, with his finishes being of top calibre, from both inside and well outside the box, both left foot and right foot, some spinning, under significant pressure, and challenge of multiple defenders..

        6 goals 5 assists in his last world cup, 22 goals in last 20 for country and plenty more assists, shows he's a complete player still blossoming, and he'll be a full blown Sr. German International within 3 years if things keep as they are..

        I'm not calling him Cavani, Falcao, Gomez or Van Persie, but for 1M, 18 y/o and playing at the best levels available to him, he looks that much better for us..