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    Rodgers out!'

    With all the 'Rodgers out!' posts I've seen and 'The Owners are awful!' let's try and dissect the disaster.

    It's hard to know who do blame though... I wouldn't say it was Rodgers fault as the philosophy of his play is working as we dominated some stages at West Brom and most of City. I wouldn't say it was the players are solely to blame although they don't look like they are giving their all which is a must in a Liverpool shirt.

    And I wouldn't say it's not the owners fault either.. They've give us just shy of £450million since they come in, now that is brilliant on their behalf and without them we'd be like Rangers and Portsmouth so I can lay no blame on them.

    Unless you work in the backroom staff it's hard to know what problems have occurred but from our perspective there is no point laying any blame at this moment in time!

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    • If that were £450m just on players since they came in we'd have an amazing squad..

      Or should!!

      I suspect you're including the purchase of LFC.. Wiping out the debt.

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      • My tuppence, as a impartial observer, is that your club has a very big re-building project and it's going to take a few years, which will be highly frustrating for people who care about the club.

        There is bound to be a strong element of '2 steps forward,1 step back', but it's never quite as predictable as that and when you get 3 or 4 x 1 step back results in a row, it feels awful.

        I honestly don't know if Rodgers is the right manager for you, but he is your 'our man, right or wrong' for the moment and needs support, through thick and thin.

        It took relegation to div 2 to make Utd realise that no club is too good/too big to go down, hope it will never come to that for you guys and I think there are a lot of teams with bigger probs, who will end up fighting to survive.

    • I think there is a simple answer to this and the many other comments on other threads.

      We've Played Three Games!!!!

      It's way too early to start these kinds of discussions. It's like saying global warming has been proved because we had a couple hot days in August, or it’s been debunked because there was a frost in early October!

      If you feel strongly BR is not getting the job done come the end of Oct, then let’s have this discussion, but until then let's actually see what he, the players, and the club as a whole can actually do.

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      • dsteer...Im with u on this one ..btw it doesnt alter my opinion that BR is a Yes-Man for the owners...but I think we have to give it a season no matter what and he should logically be given two seasons of his 3 yr contrct to get the club where the playing side of it is concerned on track ...the only exception to that for me would be if after New Year we look like we are going to be in a relegation dog fight come Easter then if there was a loud chorus for his head I might have to renegeon this post and join that chorus...I have NO desire to see us playing in the Championship Div next season

      • If we're all going to have some chance of displaying sanity, and being realistic, everyone of us saw the opening 5 fixtures, and said "OH FCUK" and probably overlooking WBA on opening day. This was NEVER going to be an easy start, with a new manager, new system, new players, and alot of players coming in very late from Euros and transfers. Yes some of that holds true for other teams, and they've done better, but come the end of the 5th game, we'll have played #1, #2, #3 in last year's table, in addition to away to Sunderland who are one of those "cringe" games on the schedule..

        There's a real and honest chance, we sit on 1 point come the end of these 5, there's also a chance we could be on 7.. but there's not crystal ball, and it's down to the players and the system..

        I have to say, while the humor and sarcasm in this thread is easy to see (and should be for most w half a brain), the reality, or irony is, several of same debbie downers (not all) who are currently screaming bloody murder, god forbid we go winless through the UTD fixture calling for everyone's head, were doing the exact same thing the final weeks last year, voicing displeasure with Kenny's results/tactics, the amount spent, the underperforming players, the home results..

        And now we've started a clean slate, played 3 as you say Dave, and against 2 of the top 3 in last years table, albeit no excuse to have not come away with at least 4. Maybe too extreme in saying Rome wasn't built in a day, but this is a ship that has got to be bound to right itself.. Our best starting XI is filled with players who would play amongst any club in the top 6/7 w/ the exception of 1-2

        And again, just food for thought, we've had 20 players away for International duties, only 4 senior squad members at Melwood for Rodgers to work with, and while I don't know the number for Sunderland, easy to guess is far less, so in addition to them always being a handful, especially in their ground, they will be very well prepared and as tough a match as we could ask for. This isn't an excuse, it's a fact and reality, so while I don't expect nor want to lose obviously, I can see it. I also see a draw, and I also could see a win, but don't go jumping into shark infested waters when facing an inevitable situation, one which Joselina Mourhinho might not be able to do any better with at the moment and circumstances.. 4 Squad registered players in training, 20 away, new system.. nobody could do a whole lot better other than parking the bus to earn a boring draw and smart money is we won't even consider that..

        A spade is a spade..