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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 12, 2012 13:17 Flag

    England game from an LFC perspective

    I know a lot of people on the board arent England fans, thats there problem ;) Was so strange to see Frank Lampard get man of the match when really, all he did was take the penalty. No bitterness, just he seemed a passenger in the game and although he is clearly a great spot kicker, it seems a bit ridiculous. Steven Gerrard had his best game since Euro 2012, Some of the chances he created and the way he sat in and kept the play flowing was fantastic, hope to see this in a Liverpool shirt in the near future! Dont think the red card helped him out to much but he should come back in good spirits.

    Glenn Johnson had a beast of a game going forward forcing a great save and making some excellent deliveries, it was as though the Liverpool boys wanted it more then anyone else. Defoe was robbed and Wellbeck was impressive, have to say, I really dont think too much of Cleverley though, bear in mind I just complimented one united player before it sounds too biast!

    With Shelvey, Gerrard, Sahin, Johnson and Skrtel all having good outings plus Raheem getting his 1st cap, hopefully they give a lift to Suarez and allen who have had complete stinkers!

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    • Have to agree; Lampard only got MOTM because Townsend, ex-Chelsea, was the adjudicator. Lampard was pretty anonymous.

      Gerrard was the best player by a mile. Johnson was good going forward, poor going back.

      Sterling didn’t get a cap as he didn’t get on the pitch.

    • STOP PRESS - STOP PRESS - Read all about it -

      On the day a new Hillsborough Report is released a Liverpool fan comments: "Lampard should never have been man of the match - he was rubbish - Steven Gerrard was playing."


      As you were.


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      • Actually I thought Lamps had a decent game, so would disagree with my fellow red that he was a passenger. But I do think Stevie had more impact on the chances that were created, and as I understand it was being named man of the match just as he was being sent off, so there was a quick revision to hand the gong to Frank instead.

        If we can't make a man who's been sent off for two dubious yellows man of the match, then I have no problem it going to Frank. He did seal the draw with the penalty (he is one fine spot kicker) and other than maybe Johnson or Welbeck I'm not sure who else was in the running (at least in an England shirt). All I can say is for me it was Cleverly and Lescott who had stinkers, while everyone else were just average or par for the course for an England match.

      • Poor Robert.

    • Being a Taffy I've nothing to shout about so I thought I'd add my thoughts to yours Hobs. Gerrard was most defintely Englands busiest player, a fulcrum almost which gives me encouragement that he should play a touch deeper for us. Perhaps I should revise my thoughts on giving Shelvey a run in his place. Thankfully that Rodgers problem, not mine.

      I thought Johnson was a little sloppy in possession at times.

      Finally the so called super pundits were havng a pop at Gerrard for Ukraine's goal. 2 points stood out for me. Johnson stood off Konoplyanka holding his position in the line. Where was Milner? Gerrard tried to cover the problem but was always going to be turned inside. Great strike all the same.

      Overall it's the same old for me. England (Any British side actually) struggle to maintain possession in key areas and the movement is at times poor. Ukraine were far better at it.

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      • For me poor performance..not that I really give a sh!t bout England...again I think Glenn looked dangerous on his sorties fw and think we shouldnt waste anymore time in switching him up front and getting Kelly in his full back position...I think Glenn looks more dangerous than what we have upfront currently...nothing to lose by giving it a try ?