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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns Sep 12, 2012 13:17 Flag


    A major step for those deceased and the families left behind.
    justice also for those LFC fans, since, tarnished with lies and fabrication.
    The end is near...............

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    • I was trying to say no-one should ever have felt the finger of blame being pointed at them for losing someone at Hillsborough. It's inappropriate in many ways. Sadly, bereaved people often feel guilt when they shouldn't.


    • ...HOO HARRRR...

      Busted, Bob. and well said steerage.

    • Robert your right the Taylor report was very clear in its findings and did find the police and other emergency were to blame. However the Taylor enquiry did not have access to the same documents this panel had, and therefore could not disprove the alternative narrative started by the Police, and perpetuated by the media, and subscribed to by many that the fans had at least some culpability in the events that day.

      To your credit you have always pointed people who have come on here with misguided views of that day to the Taylor report. But as long as that parallel narrative of lies was allowed to continue unchallenged too many people were able to view the Taylor report as just one explanation of events that day.

      To highlight that, why did the PM, South Yorkshire Police constabulary, Sheffield Wednesday, the FA, and others not come out and issue apologies after the Taylor report was issued? Why did the Sun and McKenzie not make a statement way back when the Taylor report was released, but instead wait another 20 years?

      The reason it seems to me is because that alternative narrative continued allowing people to assume because the supporters were to blame they had no reason to say sorry. Until the Sun's story was proven to be lies, and until the source of those lies was uncovered those lies were allowed to perpetuate, that is until yesterday.

    • Well said. I was going to try and say something similar. Far too many people believed the problem lay with fan behaviour rather than the "physics" of crowd behaviour coupled with what appears to be some real issues in organisation and management.

      Then to top it all the cover up, lies and deceit.

    • Errr, little confused as to your point Robert. I'm not saying here that people are blaming families or victims, I am saying the general consensus for the last 20 years is that Liverpool fans killed their own, now it has been proved otherwise and people have said sorry, that is not enough, maybe something has been lost in translation.

    • Hi Robert

      Your perception may not have been changed by yesterday but as early as 2 days ago we had people posting on this board saying the opposite.

      You won't ever stop every idiot repeating a lie but you can remove every justification/excuse for them peddling that lie and show them for what they are.

      The clarity of yesterdays statement is another step in that direction but there are still plenty of people who still think that "I know it was covered up which was totally wrong but it was down to the fans wasn't it?".

    • Today is a day for both anger and joy. I am so pleased that the truth has finally been revealed for ALL TO SEE, but what makes me so angry is that those that have 'apologised', have known about, and hidden behind the secrecy that has allowed them to get away with it for so long. ONLY NOW, when they have been exposed, do they apologise. Bullshit. The extent of the cover-up, even knowing it was there for all these years, is truely astounding and prosecutions HAVE TO BE SOUGHT AND CONVICTIONS SECURED.
      On such a memorable occasion such as today, I have never been more proud to be a scouser because we have fought and believed for 23 years that this day will come, and the total disrespect shown the city, the people, the familes and the victims by 'outsiders' is now irrelevant. Shame on you all for what you did. This city never stopped, and never will. We are coming for you

    • We've had the truth - now for the justice.Now for the f*ckers who caused it and covered their own @rses should be brought to book. Retired? Who gives a sh!t? People who were responsible for crimes in nazi Germany are still prosecuted so why shouldn't these b@stards be?

    • Well said.