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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Sep 18, 2012 04:06 Flag

    Life bans for offensive chanters.....

    ... love this idea. For all fans, including our own.

    Nail the cowardly pr1cks who lack basic human decency and hit them where it hurts the most.

    I don't see why this should be treated any differently to inflammatory racist behaviour at games.

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    • That's true Robert.

      I heard someone on the radio the other day say that the answer would be to sing non-offensive songs in support of your team louder and drown out the boo boys.

      Sounded a great idea to me.

    • I'm sure you won't get any disagreement, in principle. There's only one tiny little problem. It's obvious where you're coming from but define 'offensive'. Suggesting that the mother of a former England captain enjoys carnal relations with men from your fair city is pretty offensive. You're proposing banning people who sing about that, I take it. How about those who suggest that Liverpool fans find their food in refuse collection outlets or will be permanently unemployed? Ban them? Anyone who calls Chelsea fans "chavs" or suggests they sell their bodies to men? What about those who suggest that the men in black have visual or hearing disabilities or that they satisfy their sexual needs without help from anyone else?

      The grounds are going to empty fairly quickly, aren't they?

      And policing it. How are you going to stop ten thousand fans around the country going to football matches. The police aren't going to do it for you.

      That's two problems. Oh, and then there's the issue of the right to free speech. It's not yet illegal in this country to offend people despite the determined attempts by some misguided minorities.

      Three problems. This chair's too comfy.


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      • I understand the practical problems but, before you get too comfy on your high chair, didn't you suggest something else when the race row with Suarez was going on?

        Then you argued that it was right for the FA to prosecute racial insults between players but not other insults. How is that any different from deciding certain insults at football matches are worse than others?

        Personally, I'm happy with the suggestion of life bans for any offensive chants referring to Hillsborough or Munich. I'd be ok with the clubs deciding what counts. It's a decent start and maybe once idiots realise that the clubs are serious the police won't need to stop 10's of thousands going to grounds - it might stop the majority of offenders before it gets that far. Also I don't think society will worry about the offenders right to free speech any more than if they were shouting racial insults.

    • Good idea, it's what they deserve, they have no shred of human decency.