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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Sep 24, 2012 20:50 Flag

    United victory

    Come on; the board's back after BT Yahoo had a metldown so you can all complain how Shelvey shouldn't have been sent off and it was never a penalty in a million years!

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    • No, they aren't. On the United board there is a spectrum which goes something like:

      Mu_devon, Syco
      Ian, Butch

      I'm not saying which way the order goes.


    • I can't either.

      Robert (honorary victim for the day)

    • Our midfield , is our easiest to exploit area. But I am maybe being an optimist, but I STILL have great hopes for Anderson. I rate Cleverley highly. Together I think they can be very good, particularly with Kagawa in front of them. But how does the boss accommodate everyone that will be the trick.

      Against you he opted for older wiser heads, and whilst it was not pretty it got the result. If Shelvey had been wiser I don't think you would have lost.

      I think there will be lots of rotation , and in some games our midfield will really struggle or be over run. But if that allows our forwards to be a real goal threat I think we have enough quality there to do well. We are the opposite of you in that we have real depth in forward flair positions but no real solid tackling midfielders.

    • That's quite possible when you look at the start we've had. I will say however that there seems to be a fresh and welcome atmosphere about the place despite the results. We've got some good youngsters breaking through, the squad is starting, for the first time in a long time to have some shape and balance and we can see and welcome the style of football we're playing.

      Unltimately of course we need the results. Last nights win against WBA was avery nice boost looking at the side that was played. Our next few games will be critical. Get the results and the support for Rodgers will continue to grow and strengthen. Lose a few and the pressure will grow.

      I'm sure there will be some purchases in January but to a degree that will depend on how we do until then. Strikers wont be cheap either with every club knowing we need one. So far I'd say we definitely need one. We need that focal point point up front.

      As afr as United are concerned I still see your midfield as a weakness. Fletcher will be a welcome return but your reliance on Giggs and Scholes will bite at some point. Carrick has a role but not as the key player in the middle

    • Vidic is a huge loss. Smalling and Jones compound it. Vidic may have been rushed back due to others injuries , who knows. But despite having 5 rather good centre backs, we probably do need to invest there in January. The fact Carrick has had brief runs there for 3 seasons tells me we need more.

      Fletcher returning will allow us to protect them better than last season. But it think we will need all of our goal threat right now as we look leaky. Will make for exciting games, if not a bit infuriating. But all in all I think the squad looks strong. A few more players back and we will see what we can do.

      I don't think you will, or even want you to go down. But if you allow Rodgers to change your style as he will, he needs to be given a good run.mor the next guy, unless it's Martinez, will have to undo all the work and start over. I think though this season, unless you spend big on strikers in Jan you will finish bottom half.

    • Hi Ian

      We actually pretty much agree on that.

      I said earlier that by far the most important factor in us losing the game was our lack of cutting edge rather than a refs opinion of certain incidents. I agree that you get some that go for you and some that don't and that on another occasion, or in the past, we will/have had the luck on our side.

      I could bore you with my opinions of what is going wrong at Liverpool, starting from getting rid of Rafa under the two cowboys, but I know you're not interested. I'll leave it by saying that for the first time in thirty-odd years of following them I think that, if a few things go wrong injury wise, Liverpool are in serious danger of going down. Not likely but possible. The appointment of BR was, in the words of Yes Minister, a very "brave" decision. I hope he repays the belief that many have him but I'm not at all convinced and that is nothing to do with any referee.

      How do you think you'll cope without Vidic? Seems like a re-occuring theme with you guys and centre-backs.

    • Apparently only you knew it wasn't a penalty, yet everyone else said penalty straight away. You should be refereeing the goal line. Penalty, get over it.

    • Psredpool, on another day Evans could have gone, RVP should have got booked, but I don't honestly think it was red. Suarez could have got a penalty.

      When you put 4 past us a season or so back, Lucas could have got 4 or 5 yellows that went unpunished. He kicked us all over the park. He was immense you guys thought. If he got booked he would have done nothing else, if he got sent off, who knows what happens. There are other examples I could give from that and other games. On that day I felt we didn't get the rub of the green. This weekend you didn't. I think you will feel like this many times this season, doing well possession wise but losing. If you put 5 solid midfielders and Suarez in front of your defence, you should be winning tackles, harrying, pressuring teams, I would expect that, but that is not what wins games, I wont expect many goals from you. I predict you will be bottom 6 on goals scored this season.

      So yes you could feel a bit hard done by, on some decisions. But that's papering over a massive crack. A crack where most teams have strikers.

    • Thats amusing considering every Liverpool fan thinks they are the victims!

    • Wait, surely not, Liverpool are victims here, its never their fault!

      It was clearly a dive by valencia despite no camera angle (or logic) proving it, and Im pretty sure (I heard this from a friend of a friend) that Halsey was bunged a brown envelope by Fergie before the game!

      Funny how Suarez dived appallingly and Gerrard and Johnson have to speak out defending him.

      Always the victims, etc etc.

      Shelvey - 'its fergies fault'! Classic.

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      • Yep, Valencia had destroyed the Liverpool defence, Was about to pull the trigger, had two United players he could have passed to, yet decided to 'dive' after no contact with Johnson. Is that the explanation ? Is that why Valencia is on crutches ? Shelvey was going for the player, Evans was going for the ball. Why, if innocent, did Shelvey call Fergie a 'grass' ? Suarez ? Well, we all know about him. You lost 2-1, to a United side not playing very well yet.

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