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    ... could be fkin decapitated in the box and he still wouldn't get a penalty. It's a classic case of his reputation influencing supposedly impartial officials.

    What I don't get is why the ref didn't book him despite waving away a number of penalty appeals from him.

    It's all of his own doing unfortunately.

    Still proud of the lads. 10 men for almost two thirds of the game and they still took the game to them, didn't hold back, had a real go. Rafael's goal was class, can't argue with it, but thought the penalty was very, very soft.

    The big worry for me is the injuries/suspensions piling up. Kelly now out for 6 months. Agger looks like it'll only be a couple of weeks thankfully. Just hope it doesn't get any worse from here. January seems a long way off.....


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    • Colin,

      Hold on before you hand out too much praise to the mancs, the suffix 'ski' is Slovene rather than Czech!


    • pps Alan Hansen just made the same point ... when will the refs/media sort that out?

    • Thought this was topical..... a strange admission from BR that our players may resort to simulation to try and get the rub of the green from officials.

      I can't help thinking those tactics will have the opposite effect if the Suarez example is anything to go by.....


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      • This time last season Dalglish was moaning about referees. Either referees have it in for Liverpool or Liverpool managers just voice the paranoia that everyone feels. The last two matches that Chelsea didn't win we should (by common consent) have had two penalties in each (trips on Hazard and JT being wrestled to the ground in each) and yet yesterday's second biggest story was the demand to change the rules to send Chelsea players off, by the manager of Stoke fer chrissake.

        Every team feels hard done by. We remember the stuff that goes against us, not the stuff that goes for us. Rodgers characterising Liverpool as fair players in a world of unfairness won't get much sympathy outside the Liverpool fan base, especially with sunshine boy in your team.


    • Stanley Matthews, George Best, almost any half decent forward player from the early to mid 70's and before.
      Some of these modern day creme puffs need to go back and watch how many goals those guys used to score after leaving their defensive opponents arse down in the mud and themsleves 10 yards in the clear after similar "tackles."

    • With regards to Suarez, there isn't a bigger fan of the boy than myself, nor anyone else here, but his mannerisms do not help him.. The majority of many matches, he's busy waving his arms like a lunatic and getting yellows, when he could get on with it and he is a victim of his own circumstance in many situations.. That said, I also need to point out, while he could put in 40 goals a season if he put his mind to it, 20 may be a stretch the way he plays at some moments trying to nutmeg and take on 4-5 players at a time when often others are holding their hands up in frustration..

      That aside, I don't doubt his heart and effort for one second and think he'd have to be carried off the field by a crane if need be, and regards to the injuries and depth, well to be a brave soldier and sing the song of myself and many others, we are actually seeing, and will see just what our "talented and amazingly gifted" youth team/players will do..

      Sterling has been nothing short of brilliant. Suso took a matter of minutes to get himself into the game and was more or less a catalyst in the Gerrard goal. Depending on Borini's injury, we're most certain to see Yesil get into the bench now, and perhaps onto the pitch. Coates time to shine is now, and Mr. Assaidi is going to have to step up his fitness and show the class he had in the Eredivise to nail down his spot in the side... I suppose the same can be said about MR. Downing too, though not a youngster, albeit, the production of one..

      Wisdom, Texeira, Morgan, Ngoo, Adorjan are others we may hear and see..

      Is this the side that will sweep it's way into the top 4, no! Are these players we've been dying to see, will give their heart and excite the hell out of us, yes! And, BR is the one who believes in them most..

      As much as I'd love Konchesky, Poulsen, Jovanovic, Adam to come back, and Cole to light up the world, I'll take my chances with these bright lights all day. Lesser sides with lesser players have done far more.. time and time again!

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      • I agree that Suarez has done himself with the 'crywolf' thing but referees are meant to be impartial and assess every incident on its own accord. Someone should really have a word with Luis about the throwing his head back and writhing around nonsense cause that causes the problem, if only he could learn from Valencia's non contact dive he might win us more!

      • Great post mate.

      • keeping the thread on topic, Suarez is now a victim of his own reputation I'm afraid. He'll have to be cut in half to win a penalty now.

        He's a wonderful player on the ball but just isn't an out and out striker / finisher. He's never in that crucial position to stick it in the onion bag. He's usulally the one on the ball looking for that person, or trying to do it all himself.

        I'm beginning to think we wont see the best of Suarez until we get him partnered with a full on finisher and someone that will impose themselves on him. Someone who will dominate the front line and almost boss him. You set me up I'll score kind of mentality.