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    Now where back on line I'm taking my thoughts back to the Young Boys game.

    Seriously, what is the matter with him? He looks completely lost as a defender at the moment. He was regularly turned and looked completely out of sorts. He looks heavy which I have no problem with provided it doesn't compromise pace and agility too much. Enrique seems to to have lost it all!

    Has the injury really knocked him that far back?

    With Kelly and Agger's injuries he'll be stepping back up the pecking order but I'm honestly not looking forward to the prospect based on his current form.

    From the Young Boys game I'd keep Johnson at Left back (with reservations) and draft in Wisdom who really looked the part to his credit.

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    • As crazy as this sounds buddy, I think I even see it Colin's posts, is that despite our points tally and league position, we have all watched everything unfold and while obviously unhappy with the results, are actually enjoying this infusion of youth, exciting and entertaining style and what Rodgers said he would try do to and is doing..

      I am 100% convinced results are going to start going our way, and we will get on a streak soon.. Obviously, and joking aside, there's only one direct and that's up! Now, whether we can pull off an Arsenal of last year, I highly doubt it only because we haven't got RVP or anything close to him and despite Wenger's good (decent) signings, he was absolutely the single handed reason for their 3rd place finish.. Had they not had him, they were truly fighting in the bottom half because they've traditionally been so poor at the back and sometimes in the center..

      I think we really just need to get our very simple mistakes out of the system and really tighten the ship up at the back. I think Skrtel and Coates will be fine, just so long as Skrtel stays at RCB, he playced LCB vs City and made that terrible back pass that he'd never have made on the other side.. think he just totally lost all positional awareness..

      Moving on back to the transfer thing.. Sturridge is not my favorite, but for the right price I'd surely have him and I do think he can play central, I really do.. I can't help but say he's shown some fantastic, creative finishes with back heels and flicks, so he's got the skill and flair. BUT, he's not my first choice.. I think Dimaio would be an awesome one, and then we'll have to see where other clubs in Europe stand to start figuring out who makes sense and would be avaialble to A- do the job, B- fit the bil, and C- not crush our wage structure.. Newcastle did it, so can we ..

      As for Walcott, I don't know what it is with him, but I just can't wrap my arms around him completely .. he can be devastating on his day, and other days runs himself into the stands like Forrest Gump, and also I fancy players that are really 2 foot wonders with tricky feet, he's a little more traditional wide. Again, if we got him I'd surely have him, but a player like Cristian Tello or Gaston Ramirez is what I really want, what I think Rodgers really wants and what we need most..

      For now, I think we need to play Sterling wide either side, then Suarez wide the other, or have it more 4-2-3-1 ish with him in behind and include another wide player for one midfielder at times, and then have someone complement Sterling..

      Just for discussion sake.. Sterling---Dimaio---Assaidi, Suarez behind or ... Sterling---Dimaio---Suarez, 4-3-3

      Once we start getting closer to January we can really start talking names and I'll probably toss out a few that I see ahead of time, I always enjoy that.. then of course maybe the tooth fairy can share a thing or two.. for now just steady as we are.. And obviously I'm quite hopeful on Yesil.. love the boy.. once we see him live, he has the potential to push Cavani in my pecking order.. only because we have one and won't by the other..

    • I dont think many people think that Borini is awful just that he has started badly and isnt showing any signs of improvement although I am sure he will, I have seen him finish well in the past and the boy works hard. He looks a bit caught in the headlights as Henderson did much of last season, some players like Suso, Sterling and Shelvey just have that self belief (arrogance, I think has been recently banded about Suso) to try things and arent afraid of making mistakes, mistakes that fans can accept in a youth team player but perhaps not a multi million pound signing.

      To be fair, it was pretty much plastered everywhere here that Kenny was going to be sacked constantly from before the FA Cup final though some of us more heartfelt supporters were just in a bit of pain and denial about losing the great one and didnt want to hear it from anywhere.

      I hope the Sturridge deal doesnt happen, I think he could be good for us as a RF inverted but he wants a central role and I dont think hes good enough in that position to be honest. Walcott as part of the front 3? That would make a lot of sense whether we fancy it or not. Its way to premature to begin that conversation but I think he and Llorente would go a long way to fixing our issues, what a great pair of bosmans they would be! Somebody will offer them monster money though, surely.

      To be honest, I am not so worried about signings right now nor having a 'successful season', I am really enjoying watching the young boys all getting chances and it must be kinda humbling for people like Cole and Downing to be putting 80-100k in their banks a week whilst playing second fiddle to Sterling and Suso, it just shows how much money has been wasted in the past on Degens and Sotos when these boys could have covered those covering spots. At least when we go shopping now, I would like to think it will never again be for squad dross. Maybe Brendan is about to reap the fruits of an academy which Guardiola recently called only second to Barcelonas.

    • Alot of these things/players are always going to make their way onto the back page of every single paper or splashed across the front of every site with a www. ... They all come from a-b-c- and then do, down to the little fishies.. I just find it ironic that in particular ones I mention 2-3 days beforehand, and then they're boom, all over the place. The thing with Kenny hurt, and I had to even debate making that post "don't shoot the messenger" because it wasn't pleasant news, and I took the risk of the vaunted message board wrath!

      Of course the Sturridge/Dimaio were very transparent so no magical fairy dust there, but I really enjoyed saying "Sahin, done deal" then having the gorgeous *SpursBabe* call me out saying he may very well be on his way to England, but if sources are to be believed he's on his way to Arsenal, when in fact he never set foot outside of Melwood, period.

      I'm in no way, shape or form associated w lfc or fsg, so I can say whatever I'd like, but if I was, I'd be lips shut or canned.. I can say this January I will be silent, while everyone carries on with this guy, that guy and the other.. I'll have a similar laugh to that of some of this summer's past threads of players that never had so much as a phone call or text message from LFC.

      Regarding the Russian, that name sounds about right, so maybe we will see in January.. as for Llorente, I could "see" it in theory, but realistically no way, excluding financials, we'll have to consider league position as well and teams charging us triple, maybe quadruple.. I think Dimaio would be very doable and affordable, and Sturridge could still happen. The situation with Dempsey is a real disaster, we can all see how valuable he would have been for 8m, especially given how low everyone rates Borini at the moment..

    • The tpic has drifted a little but that's fine. Good stuff here.

      Llorente was banded about as a possible January target after the window had closed. Might have some legs.

      I also heard Isco's name again. That could be a good one but it would signal the end of one or two in the current squad I suspect.

      Back to topic though. Perhaps Enrique has some chronic problem. Remember Torress who was simply awful for a while under Rafa, well and truly sulking and awful under Hodgson and improving under Dalglish. He was awful again for a while at Chelsea but the old (or new) Torres is slowly resurfacing. Perhaps Enrique has a similar issue.

      The Insua thing I'm torn on. I and many others thought he simply wasn't up to it. Young but lacked pace and caught completely out of position or positioned himself poorly against an attacker. But to his credit it was interesting to see how high up the pitch he did and was able to play, especially compared to Konchesky. Although part of that is down to the different tactics of Hodgson and Rafa. Would he have been worth holding onto. Perhaps from a business point of view but I'm not convinced he would have developed into a first rate fullback. he hasn't set the world on fire since leaving remember. Didn't we play against him pre season?

    • To be honest, I think every single one of those stories was pretty apparent in the media, Damiao being offered on loan to buy, Sturridge wanting to play central not RF as well as Chelsea not getting Schurle plus the £3m bid for Dempsey etc, its always all over the internet to be fair and its just a case of about 30% of the stories are us having an interest, 30% because there is a past link between manager and player, 30% because the papers have put 2 and 2 together and then 10% which is nonsense to fill the back pages, think Heskey, RVP, Torres etc.

      Are you talking about Schennikov? The kid from CSKA? I heard some light tittle tattle about him. I think something like that fits the profile, we are hardly going to go out and sign a Marcelo, Coentrao or Cissokho so an up and coming probably makes sense. Llorente is the dream but their will be lots of attractive offers on the table for him.

    • Yea hobs I think overall we're in agreement. He may very well have had 3 separate injuries, and the severity we'll never know, but also keep in mind, we had about 21 players away for the 2 week international break, he wasn't one of them, so he had time to mend / heal up and get in plenty of extra training.. At this point, you really just have to think "a spade is a spade". And again, I like the guy and for a while there considered him at the very least top 10 in the world, with a reasonable shout for top 5... now, so dramatically different..

      Regarding Borini, he really did look excellent and keep in mind, he didn't have Suarez in the mix, so he was playing centrally and causing all sorts of havoc, plus in the Europa home match vs Gomel that I attended, he was a non stop trouble and smashed home a great volley goal.. the skill is there, he's young and being forced to play wide, which I really disagree with and I think BR is pulling a Kenny in that regard. Perhaps once Assaidi is included and makes his case, or Suso, the system will tweak a bit because they are wide players, and Suarez is flat out taking too much of the ball and not a direct striker, like Borini can be.. he's really fast, and had been clinical all the time at Roma ..

      Re those other guys.. Dempsey, I said the bid went in, had no idea how much or what the result would be.. That sorta mirrored what happened eh? Sturridge was the one they wanted, based on what I knew, he was originally omitted from Chelsea's UEFA cup match, but Chelsea didn't sign another striker and we mucked up all sorts of things on our end, so we got neither Dempsey or Sturridge. As for Gaston, simples, his agent was a ridiculous pig.. a deal, terms, work permit .. that crap was secured, then with Penarol being owed 30% of all proceeds, that cut into mr agent's pockets (Betancourt I believe), and he tried to get more out of us (can anyone blame that after last summer?), so we politely said Fcuk off.. He then became Southampton's biggest signing ever, by miles and is probably on ridiculous wages near 100k.. But his move to England was seamless without any delays.. all because of LFC getting the paper work/permits done.. I'm truly upset of him..

      Dimaio.. think that popped up everywhere to anyone reading transfer news, and then it became public he would not leave until the earliest of January, when Spurs are able to follow our scouts and offer him 20 pence more... Of course we had the Llorente talk final hours too.. I never bought that stock, maybe January since his contract is running up, however, he's 27 going on 28 and with the contract up and our need, we'll most likely get blown away with a 30M type request or someone else paying that..

      Getting carried away on transfers, but in January we'll be in for at least 2, and I'd keep Sturridge, Dimaio at the top of the list, along with the Russian left back.. still can't remember the name..

      I know for sure come Jan, I'm lips shut because the irony of getting the ones right is so outweighed by the flack of 2-3 wrong ones, that merely go bad over a couple of words or a pen to paper.. Humorous in a way, but I'll enjoy everyone going bonkers over the bleacher report, givemefootball, daily mirror, yahoo eurosport, etc etc.. all with stunning 0% accuracy..

    • Rain man :)

    • We were signing Damiao, Ramirez, Sturridge, Dempsey etc too though! ;)

      We shouldnt have let Insua go, blame Roy for that though, he ruined the kid after Rafa had started to sculpt him. He could cross, run, tackle and shoot but he was vulnerable to a turn. As an academy kid, he should have had more time to develop, he was at least exciting!

    • loki...have same concerns about Enrique...sems to push too far forward and is unable to get back into position quickly enough leaving that side exposed too often...yes may need to look at replacing him.

    • I know what your saying, guess we get to see a bit pre match on game days but is more warming up then anything else and yes, its hot for everyone! After all though, you did say Borini looked good out there, hes probably been our worst player in the league this season! :)

      Well I dont know about Enrique's training attitude but he has had 3 injuries this season already, it must play some part, especially if fitness is 'your game' you know?

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