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  • mel n mel n Sep 25, 2012 09:24 Flag

    Too good to go down.

    That is what all the great teams of the past thought just before they went down and that is what every Liverpool fan is thinking as they currently see us languishing in the bottom 3.

    Fact is that anyone can get relegated, ANYONE, even 18 time English champions and 5 time European champions Liverpool Football Club. 2 points from 5 games is just not acceptable, even for a club in transition, right now we are displaying the exact symptoms of a club ready to be relegated, leaky defence, not creative enough midfield and a blunt if not non-existent strike force, I would like to think that we are going to improve, that Brendan will tighten the defence, maybe make the midfield more creative but our achilles heel will always be our strike force, coz we we dont have any. Now Borini (unproductive as he has been) is out for I dont know how long, so are Agger and Kelly, with Lucas having been the first casualty. We all know Glen Johnson will be joining them sometime soon, most likely Stevie as well and if God forbid Suarez was to succumb too then who will be left? I did not even bother to mention Joe Cole. It looks like like what seemed to be a prudent cost cutting exercise in the off-season will come back to bite us in the proverbial you know what. Losing can quickly become a habit and if we are not careful, it just might become a habit AGAIN (remember Kenny's losing run from January?). A lot of fans have lauded Brendan's policy of giving the youth a chance, whilst I am all for it too, my question though is, should they really be thrown in whilst the team is in the middle of a mini-crisis, specially at the expense of experienced players?

    I wish I could look at our current situation with something akin to optimism, I really do.

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    • I can understand people being concerned about the very real possibility of being relegated.
      After all, it happened to manure back in the mid 70's, just after they lost Best, Law and Charlton. By the same token, though they still had some players who went on to become pretty well known at manure - Buchan, Macari, Mcreery, McIlroy, Daly, Greenhoff,...
      So, yes it CAN happen to anyone.
      I also understand people being concerned about maybe having to resort to "throwing the young ones to the lions" so to speak.
      The fact is, though that some of the older players have been doing f all so maybe some risky decisions need to be made.
      Certainly we have yet to see a natural finisher grace our first 11 so maybe the first choice that has to be made is to bring in either Morgan or Yesil, PRONTO. How much worse can they be than what we have seen from Borini and, to a lesser extent Suarez - not that I'm saying drop Suarez. Not yet, anyway.

    • You know I missed the board when it went down for a few days, but I can't imagine how upset you were not being able to post this up right after the final whistle on Sunday.

      As for the content............. Yawn....

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      • dsteer....I think we played some great football v UniTURD but this failure to find the onion bag is very disturbing. Id be happy to watch this style of football all season long and am very pleased to see how well our kids are performing now thaqt they have their chance to shine on the big stage. Jason rightly says if u good enough u old enough...do u take the point Ive been making this last year or so in so many posts about getting the kids in there and how I quoted u great names from the past had debuts at a young age?
        OR do u still think these kids should be wrapped in cotton wool because of the risk of ...damaging their confidence ..as u so often stated in u rebuttals of my lobbying for them to be blooded ?
        I cant wait to see Yesil get his shot as a starter I have this sneaky feeling hes the answer to our goal drought. GOOD ENOUGH THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH !

    • Mel, please do not presume to think that EVERY fan is thinking about relegation - I'm not. Other than that, I can't be @rsed answering the rest of your tedious post (I only read the first sentence, your reputation precedes you).

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      • You are right LOKI, very few if any Liverpool fan looks at us languishing in the bottom 3 and thinks of us getting relegated, you know why? Coz we think we are too good to go down but the reality is if we lost Suarez, Gerrard and someone else to injury, we will turn from what is currently a mid table team at best to relegation material. One point in 9 at home is never good no matter who the opposition is. Granted we might be playing better football so far this season but what most of us seem to miss is that football is first and foremost about winning. ManUre played terrible football on Sunday but went home with 3 points, we played good football and got zilch. We are getting our priorities backwards, you win first and then worry about good football when you are safe. Wigan plays some of the most attractive football but year in and year out they are battling against relegation, Stoke on the other hand play the most abominable football imaginable and have not worried about relagation for quite some time.

    • mel n...I have the same concerns. Problem is BR prioritized midfield and gave Andy C away when it was clear to a blind man that our main priority in the transfer market should have been 2 PROVEN strikers. Borini to me is NOT a proven striker maybe a bit of a workhorse at best but defo no proven striker...I think its no bad thing that we will now be without the man for a while as it was obvious he was a BR fave with automatic starter berth without ever proving he was worth his starter role. Pacheco might be worth an extended run in his place or perhaps even go with something a bit more radical such as Coady or even push Johnson up front with Coates to play off ?

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      • Colin mate.. .

        The time has come for my boy, Samed Yesil to get his chance to shine.. While he's 18, and only a few weeks in training, coming off a 3 goal 2 assist international display during the break, there's not better time than now..

        I think I may have set the expectations too high for the lad, but 42 goals for club and country before even 18, in the Germany set up and leagues, is nothing to ignore, and to be honest, he's got far more resemblance of a true #9 than Suarez may ever have..

        I think we'll finally see the boy tomorrow, and possibly Norwich. Hard to guess which he "may" get a start, maybe neither, maybe both, but it's Yesil's time..

        I understand the theme of the thread, so I'm going a bit off, but the inclusion of Sterling, Suso, next Assaidi and presumably Yesil, has me truly excited, and in these names, if they produce and progress as fast as Sterling is showing, and the few minutes Suso had, these 4 could be hard to take out of the lineup and be the direct reason we start climbing upwards..

        Maybe, and for me, hopefully, we'll look back at these days not too far from now, and remember them as a turning point..

      • I think you should be thinking top 10 , top 4 is a lot more than one signing away. Unless its Messi.

    • well i think its a bit early for panic yet. We have played manu, man city and arsenal already and have been a little unlucky at times.

      I feel we need a from the ground up team rebuild and that rogers is going the right way about it.

      we've spent years getting results without playing all that well and a scattering of trophies and top 4 finishes has glossed over the fact that we haven't played decent football for a while now.

      This is just the way it has to be if we want to move forward with the funds we have
      I'll take a few poor results if the team are playing good football

      Or we could set up to be tough to beat and get results playing like a slightly more polished bolton(as we have done for years) rather than the lfc of old.

      I share your concern over striking options but there's nothing to be done about that now. this is the time we should keep our nerve as a club.I'd lose respect for rogers if he abandoned his footballing principals to pick up a few points

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      • I am a United fan, I agree you had large portions of the game against us. But and here's the problem in my opinion, you play with 6 midfielders . I would expect you to have possession and to overwhelm many a midfield. I am obviously including Suarez as a midfielder, I know he is not, but I feel he is more midfielder than striker if you look at his goal threat. Or his physical presence. Berbatov scored more goals last year than he did. I think there will be many games this year that you will feel you should have got something out of but didn't. Because you won't score enough.

        United were missing Rooney, Vidic, Young, Smalling and Jones. Cleverley and Anderson were withdrawn for wiser heads. De Gea was out. It was not anything like a full strength United side. At Anfield. Playing badly disjointed football. They still beat you, because you only have Gerrard and Suarez who will get goals. RVP will get more than them combined and the next highest Liverpool scorer this season.

        Possession, hard work, tackling count for nothing if you can't score. Relegation I doubt. But when talking about Liverpool it should never be just doubtful.

    • I think its right and fair to be concerned. I guess we all are really. Oddly though the world seems calm. When Hodgson put us down in the relegation zone the world collapsed around him and the weight for him to leave was unbearable. There were other factors involved there though.

      I'm optimistic things will improve because I honestly think we should have had something from the Sunderland, City and United games.

      I also think our youth is better than some of the names you mention above.

      The next month is critcal for us now. We need to see some wins or things will turn very bleak indeed.