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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 25, 2012 09:55 Flag

    Team to face WBA in the cup?

    Another 3 game week with a trip to Norwich on Saturday and a real chance to get our first league win of the season, we are a few men down so it makes sense to chop it up a bit even if we are defending champions ;)


    Subs: Gulacsi, Wilson, Flanagan, Allen, Cole, Yesil, Sterling

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    • Really looking forward to seeing what Suso can do tonight, he looked to drawer on Sunday. Re Pacheco.. be nice to see him get some more time, see what he can do with some confidence, but I don't playing him between Downing and Assadi will help him much as both will look to cross. Pacheco might be suited to a wide striker role himself.

      Also on Carragher, our nemesis Shane Long will be hoping he plays I think.

    • Hobs, with our current injury list you forgot to consider the ground staff, tea lady and turnstile operators. With three games to play, do we effectively throw away our chance at the league cup? Probably the best option (and the need for a win in the league proper rapido) with the bunch you,ve selected but, who knows what might happen if your team is the one chosen? Our youth cannot be faulted and seem to be adapting more quickly to the new playing system than the regulars! Too many unknown names for me to add to what youve written above!

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      • I understand we are looking at long term progression and getting a good look at our academy etc but Norwich this week has to be our priority, with us in 19th place, we dont want it to become habbit, especially having dropped a few 1st teamers to injury, it has to be a case of giving chances in this round. It is a real shame its WBA, you know they will play a really strong team, would have preffered an Exeter or MK dons!

    • I really wasn't convinced with Pacheco as a striker. It didn't work at Young Boys at all. Time for Yesil or Morgan I think unless Rodgers has them in mind for Saturday.

      Wisdom deserves another go for sure.

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      • Have to agree about Yesil and Morgan.
        We desperately need a natural finisher.
        Get both Morgan and Yesil in there - what! play 4-4-2? Ye gods, what's the world coming to? - and see which one can deliver.

      • My thinking with Pacheco is that this run till January could decide whether he has any future here whatsoever and a possibility of shop windowing him until that point if not. I think its fair to say that Yesil and Morgan have more to come for sure. I think you could be right that either could get the nod for this match, if we really do rotate this much at all. Shame with Pacheco, he really stood out in the academy and none of it was strength related, great set pieces and finishing and looked composed too.