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    Rodgers was spot on about Halsey

    As usual poor refereeing decisions cost Liverpool the match.

    Both Evans and Jonjo jumped in with their studs showing.

    The red card decision was wrong.

    Valencia's penalty award was very soft at best, not a penalty for me.

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    • The issue is consistency. Two different refs may decide the threshold between no card, a yellow and a red is set at different levels, in fact the same ref on a different days may change his opinion slightly, but you'd hope the same ref on the same day would keep the same standard throughout the match.

      If a two footed challenge, both feet off the ground, studs showing is a red in once instance it has to be on all.

    • It was more our lack of finishing that cost us the match and Halseys decisions only added to it. Agree Evans should have gone too and RVP got away with a red card in the second half.

      We are not clinical enough in front of goal and with a lack of attacking options (Borini and Sterling just not good enough yet) we can only hope we are in the top half come January and FSG give BR the funds to bring in a proven goalscorer....

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      • lorraine...we dont have anyone with the capacity to be clinical in front of goal such as weve had in the past ie Rushie Robbie Fowler or Owen...we are being made to pay for the foolishness exhibited by BR during the transfer window when he gave away ANDY C what did we have to replace him...Borini ? Somebody was having a laugh at our expence...me thinks Roma ...again ...dont we ever learn ???

    • Rodgers was covering his arse trying to deflect criticism. Shelvey was too pumped up and an accident waiting to happen. He was lucky not to have been booked before then.

      The difference between Evans and Shelvey was that Evans got there first and on the ground.

      As for the penalty, Johnson knew he’d messed up, you could see from his reaction as he didn’t complain.

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      • Valencia blatantly dived in the box, you could see from the video replays that he was on his way down before contact - a classic dive!

        Johnson has spoke out about it and called Valencia a diver. Shame Halsey was fooled by his antics into awarding a penalty for diving.

      • I think it was more to do with Jonjo coming in from the side, or thats what was said after. Jonjo goes in with feet of the ground but contacts the ball with his sidefoot, the foot bounces off the ball and hits Evans' leg, I think no foul by either but when you see the replay from the referee's angle, it looks bad on Jonjo's behalf and I can see why he got sent off.
        The foul on Suarez was a penalty although the 'being shot' effort after made it look faked. Johnson didnt complain, you are right but it looks from all angles like there is absolutely no contact whatsoever, none! The only contact is when Valencia fall son top of Johnson afterwards which is clearly a nothing. I did however think that their might have been a foul prior to it on the edge of the box?