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    Liverpool Fans Arrested for 'Munich wings'

    I thought it was strange that the FA would pick this anniversary for United to come up and visit, almost a set up, but I should of known it would be your fans that would ruin the occasion.

    You'll never change.

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    • We're talking about a set of fans (and players/management) that supported murderer Michael Shields, simply because he was 'one of them'. Defending a proven racist was pretty standard!

      We're talking about a set of fans that threw cups of faeces at us in one game, and tried to overturn the ambulance Alan Smith was in, after booing him off the pitch when he broke his leg there!

      The list is endless, seeing just a couple scousers running down our end doing Munich wings on such an occasion, and now wishing the ref died of cancer is certainly just tip of the iceberg. It is a sick club and scousers are some of the most vile people you'll ever encounter - not that there are many on this board! ;)

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      • Le Professeur...so what exactly are u saying sport ? That among a crowd of some 45,000 we arent going to find a few braindead idiots ? You are telling us that amongst the UniTURD...sorry couldnt resist it..merde !...following at Anfield there werent a few idiots who werent respectful ? Is this reason for the vast overwhelming majority of respectful fans to be criticised by such as you and Ian h ? OK after we played u off the park with ten men for an hour u left with the three points...thats the way it is. If u come on our board here with a bit of good natured banter fine....but to be frank with u I cant see just what it is u are trying to prove with u hateful diatribe....maybe u can stop frothing a the mouth for a couple of minutes and CALM DOWN and. explain the point u are trying to make. Nous ne somme pas les sauvages mon ami Professeur.

    • What anniversary?

      And what were they arrested for? Since when was it a crime in this country to be obnoxious and offensive?


    • I blame south yorkshire police

    • Good, I'm glad they were arrested; there is no room for idiots to make fun of other clubs tragedies. Just a shame that you like those two morons seem hell bent on fanning the flames.

      btw I do think the fixture list is supposed to be random, so not sure how the FA picked the day of this fixture. That is unless you know something I don't, in which case I'd like to ask why we got the good fortune of playing the teams who finished 1, 2, and 3 as our first home fixtures this term!