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  • Jason Jason Sep 26, 2012 19:15 Flag

    That is some Serious YOUTH

    Whatever the result of today's match, you have to say BR has some balls to put that much faith in so much youth..

    Seriously, aside from Jones/Carra/Downing that is one heck of a young, but very talented crop..

    I think it's fair to say Yesil has proved himself good enough to lead the line so let's see how he does, and also there's an issue with Enrique form or injury, Wisdom really impressed and will be a regular fixture at times at RB, and I think the front 3 of Assaidi/Pacheco/Yesil can be super creative and fun..

    I guess I'm shocked more by the bench, but Brendan is standing firm with you motives and ideas, and you have to at least admire someone who says and believes in something and then follows it through.

    At the end of the day, we want to be in every competition, but this is clearly to get a couple of these youngsters blooded now and include them in the league squad with league the #1 priority by miles over Carling Cup and Europa.. I know FA cup will be stronger..

    Good luck to BR and the lads, I really can't help but have this childish excitement about it.. we don't really know what to expect and in a way that's fun for me!


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    • Very good game, that second goal is the best liverpool goal I remember seeing in a long time.

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      • Wonderfully worked, and by young players who will be with us for a long time.. Yes Sahin is on loan but I'm 100% convinced he'll still be ours come next year..

        Seriously, Sterling, Suso, Assaidi, Sahin, Yesil, Shelvey, Wisdom, Coates, Pacheco, Robinson

        How can you not be in love with this set up and see nothing but bright things for the future?

        I know it's hard for some to accept, and debbie downers will say it's just the league cup vs West Brom, but I hope that some are finally seeing what the "rebuilding process" that takes place here in the states is really all about. It cannot be done overnight without spending 200-300M .. And right now, just me personally, I'm in love with this group of youngsters and the majority of the entire squad..

        Get us a real Fox up front in January and we'll be in for some fun times in the near future..

        Now, let the negativity and complaints come in..

    • Absolutely BRILLIANT... what a well done performance from all the lads, especially the youngest ones of all.

      Assaidi completely unplayable.. Yesil a non stop nuisance in front of goal.. Sahin purely class in the middle.. Pacheco finally found himself a spot that suits his game, which Rodgers tweaked... Wisdom excellent, Robinson excellent.. and the inclusion of 16 yo Sinclair..

      Credit given where credit is due... one person.. Brendan Rodgers. Well done..

      I for one am very excited and now that these players are starting to gain experience and confidence we can trust them to join in with our sr players and fell comfortable as results start to go our way.. LET's DO THIS!