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    The Midfield General

    Many will know that I firmly believe that if you have a monster in the middle, someone who dictates the game, tempo and forms a fulcrum. History backs my thinking. Almost every successful side has had that player I'm talking about. For example
    Souness, Viera, Keane, and Toure to name a couple. Even in foreign climes it holds. Xavi, Pirlo, and going back Mathiaus etc.

    It fits well with Rodgers thinking too. Dominate possession and you will most likely win the game. (Although we seem to be confounding that at the moment)

    Recently we've seen Gerrard drop a little deeper and he's started to look like that player. I wasn't convinced he could do the role to be honest as one of his strongest assets is his unpredictability but with a steady influence of Allen alongside he seem to fitting into the role very well. I still think we need to see more but the last two games have been promising in that respect. I'm not sure Allen is quite that player as they need to have a very dominant personality. Without doubt he has a role though.

    However, we now have a youngster called Suso. I'll admit I haven't seen much of but obviously the name has been banded around for a little while now. I'm beginning to wonder of this guy could grow into that player I'm talking of. I think the attributes are there. Confidence to the extreme, a personality that demands that you give him the ball. He can play a bit too.


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    • I agree with you to a point, but see things slightly differently. I think Allen has made a very big impact on the side, and maybe part of the reason why Gerrard looks so good at the moment (or it might be that he's just playing up to form after a couple injury plagued seasons). Allen is no giant of a player, actually rather tiny, but if you watch him he has supreme confidence in his distribution and very rarely miss places a pass or gets caught in possession. In many ways I see him as a long overdue replacement for Alonso.

      Suso on the other hand I don't see as the cool head who can sit and play the general role you’re looking for. That is not to say I'm not impressed, but he seems to me more a player that can provide a vital spark rather than a consistent presence. At his best he's creative and confident in his attacking play, but at times I've seen him run into dead ends, or over play resulting in being caught in possession or placing a poor pass. Now those are all functions of inexperience in my book so plenty of time for him to work on the weaknesses in his game, but I see him more as the flair player, and maybe the heir to Garcia rather than the central rock.

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      • Allen and 2 other Swansea players were in the top 6 for most passes last season. I think Rodgers way of playing will come good in the end. You have to have goal scoring midfielders and a prolific striker to make it truly successful in my opinion. A prime Van Nisterlrooy for example would have got a hat trick against us ( united ) at the weekend.

    • Noo Noo I think the Rogers philosophy involves dominating the midfield as opposed to relying on a "midfield general" a la Stevie or Lucas. Last night sahin Henderson Wilson all sparked moves andmade great tackles. A delight to see. We dominated West Bromwich AND scored goals!

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      • I agree but you'll always find one person somewhere in there that makes it all tick. That's my point.

        If you have someone that imposes themselves on the side and the game they bring others into the play. Gerrard, to my pleasant surprise has started doing it in a way which is far more disciplined than I thought and normally expect of him.

        I'm just wondering if people think that Suso can grow into that player too.