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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 27, 2012 10:02 Flag

    WBA in review

    I dont think I was alone in acknowledging we had to rotate last night, I also very much doubt I am alone in fearing the worst against a very decent WBA side and then fearing an onslaught after the opening couple of minutes. What we got, was absolutely fantastic, I also doubt I am not alone in being more excited about the kids then the 'first team' right now!

    First of all, Jones and Carra dropped 2 early clangers then both went on to have storming games, Jones made some excellent saves, particularly late on from Fortune and Carra made multiple last ditch blocks, you might call 'vintage JC23'. Wisdom was another slow starter but grew into having another comfortable game and Robinson may well have put a lot of pressure on the enigmatic Enrique with a cracking performance.

    The boy Yesil looked lively up front, got a good hard strike away which Foster nearly fumbled, Assaidi looks like he should be bumping Borini out of the first team like yesterday! He has lots of pace, slows a defender to a standstill then makes him look silly as he lunges in, some good delivery too (Andy would have loved him!). Pacheco gave a little spark of life that he might not be quite dead and buried yet, he was skinning people for fun and unlucky not to get a goal on a decent outing.

    Sahin got the headlines and showed good movement but I have to say, for me, he looked the least impressive, perhaps I am expecting too much, Henderson was workmanlike without too much to shout about, nor complain about. When Suso came on, he just tore it up, with the ball at his feet, he looks Zizou or Riquelme, he just has this little swagger about his touch and is so aware of player movement, it showed maturity to not try and get a shot away as he fed Assaidi down the left for the winner, I hope Barca and Madrid stay clear!

    What was really encouraging was the amount of shots we got away, apparently BR had been in their ears about taking chances before the match, something I think we all want to see Gerrard and the boys doing too.

    All in all, a great performance, great result and thanks for giving us a lift! Too good to go down? What a load of nonsense......

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    • Colin, you stated Rafa never gave the youth during his tenure a chance, so I simply asked who during Rafa's tenure was good enough to be given the chance they never got. It may well be a loaded question, but I'm not the one who loaded it, you did that one all by yourself.

    • dsteer...YES...reason being as I explained in my previous post ...
      you loaded the question and as most defendants in court do in the USof eh? when posed a loaded question... I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me and take the Fith Amendment.

    • So I take that as no

    • dsteer...have had an interesting discussion with PSREDPOOL on this matter. We have agreed to disagree on the matter but here goes....What I said to psredpool holds good here...its not a question of who from the Rafa era that WASNT played has gone on to make good with a top club...thats a loaded question.
      What I stated to psred was that it seemed to me that Benitez was more ready always to dip into the transfer market and bring in overpriced older squad dross players than risk giving our kids an extended run in the first team in the manner that BR has had the nerve to. The point I was making was that Benitez was an extremely cautious coach averse to any real risk taking which showed up in his on field tactics.Benitez did in fact debut one or two of the kids but only in Carling Cup or FA Cup ties and never gave any extended runs in the first team where PREM LEAGUE games were concerned. Can we agree on any of this ?

    • Just wondering if you plan on answering the question now posed multiple times. Who from the Rafa era who was not played as a youngster has gone on to prove he was good enough for a top club?

    • psredpool...u right maybe on this one we agree to disagree.Yeah yesterday was loverleee. But yes agree couple silly mistakes at the back and lets face it anybody in The Prem is good enough to jump all over such mistakes...the clangers fvrom Pepe are very disturbing I really think its time to give Jonesy an extended run.
      Loved the way our kids performed yesterday obviously they are VERY receptive to BR's tactical instructions. Also pleased to read how BR has issued warnings to both Downing and Enrique its time to get the job done or u will be shipping out ! Said he wasnt going to be waiting till Jan to tell them what he knows now. I like the way hes starting to stamp his authority on our club .....more of the same pleas BR !

    • Hey Colin

      Fair enough - I know were aren't going to see eye to eye on this particular subject :-).

      As you say - great performance and result today. Still conceded two which is getting worrying but very easy on the eye. Onwards and upwards eh?

    • psredpool...Yes do acknowledge the amount of goals scored were greater than in Kennys season at the helm last year BUT the point I was making about Benitez was that his tactics lead to some of the most turgid football I have ever seen served up to the fans at Anfield...If HOLD-POSITION counter attack is u idea of fun ok but for me I have to say I much prefer the STYLE of football BR is attempting to inculcate at every level of the clubs playing staff and do honestly feel that that was what Kenny was doing last season. For the most part we were playing very similar pass and move style to what BR is advocating...its not always the amount of goals scored that is the barometer of whether or not we have good entertaining attacking pass and move football being played.
      Lets be frank about the Benitez Years...have u forgotten the short pass from Carra to Lucas back and forth sideways and back and forth before one or other of them would hoof it up the middle for a lone Torres to try and get on the end of it or worse still hoof it high up the wing and always OUT of play for an instant loss of possession ? This was for the most part what characterised Benitez style or rather lack of it !These were the tactics often employed against obviously inferior opposition AND AT HOME ? We certainly didnt see too much of this when Kenny was in charge.
      I see a lot of La Liga and knew when we employed Benitez just what we were letting ourselves in for but was content to see what he did with us and to be fair he provided me with my all time great footie memory that night in Istanbul but I always knew his intent was likely to be to set up the same system he did at Valencia. He produced an efficient counter-attacking Grinder Machine...this being the term used by fans of Valencia...I never found their football attractive...unlike ours today at Norwich !!! Just hoping BR keeps faith with his kids in this transition season ...Reina looking shaky again though ?

    • Hi Colin

      No problem :-).

      To be fair - I did pick his most successful season. But - also to be fair - in EVERY season Rafa's teams scored more goals than Kenny's team last year (an average of 16 more goals per season). So why do you refer to Rafa as a negative manager but not Kenny?

      Also you accidentally missed the question I asked (my fault - I asked several). If the youth back then were good enough for the first team (and it was Rafa holding them back), then why haven't any of them gone on to a great career at Utd, City, Chelsea, Arsenal etc.?

      I know you have an almost pathological dislike of him but surely the facts are staring you in the face on this occasion?

      ps. great result today - more of the same please :-)

    • PSREDPOOL...First thanks for the comment on my post on the other thread feat Le Professeur ICJ and Gary...somehow I doubt they will be able to muster sufficient erudition between the three of them to respond...lol...numpties.
      OK to respond to u question to me...no I stick by my point of view where Benitez is concerned...the team he had backthen was good enough to score the 77 goals it was not good enough in his final two seasons to do likewise. I still feel he is essentially a negative coach who other than in Cup competitions rarely gave his players the freedom to express themselves outside of his HOLD-POSITION strategy/ tactics.
      On his attitude towards our youth players...think he did blood a few of them actually but in order to KNOW what u have at u disposal u have to be willing to be adventurous enough to select that youth and give him an extended run not simply a one off or two off run against lower league opposition in such as The Carling Cup or whatever its called this season. I do of course give him credit for having been partially responsible for the discovery of many of the exciting youth players we are seeing performing so well right now...but again Im saying wouldnt any Prem manager having a six yr run with a club likely have come up with the same amount of talented youth players over that period of time ? Would I ever consider Benitez as having been a sufficiently good manager of our club to warrant him being in charge again ?... NO !!!...lol.

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