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  • Hobitez Hobitez Sep 27, 2012 10:09 Flag

    Team to face Norwich?

    After an excellent performance but poor result against United, the kids once again showed the way with a mature display at The Hawthorns. Injury rules out Agger, Kelly and Lucas with big question marks over Enrique (again) and Joe Cole along with Shelveys ban. Surely some of the kids will be rewarded for Wednesday night?


    Subs: Jones, Carragher, Wisdom, Downing, Suso, Yesil, Henderson

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    • I really like the look of this line up, Hobbs.
      I might be tempted to agree with Colin and give Reina a bit of a kick up the proverbial and let him know:
      1) he isn't irreplaceable
      2) his performances in the last 12 months or so have been pretty ordinary and steadily declining - ie definitely NOT up to Liverpool standard.
      On the subs bench I would include Pacheco ahead of Henderson or Downing. I thought his efforts the other night in the "second striker" role dropping just off the front line were quite serviceable - which is far more than can be said for just about anything either Downing or Henderson have produced so far.

    • Jones
      Wisdom Skrtl Coates Robinson
      Johnson Gerrard Allen
      Sterling Yesil Suarez

      Subs Reina Suso Sahin Carragher Downing

    • I like this at the moment. We know the team structure and shape and we have players that fit into that rather than trying to fit a structure around players. We're still short in a few places though.

      Just a couple of thoughts is at fullback whether Enrique or Wisdom would get the shout over Robinson. I suppose it'll show where Enrique is in the current pecking order one way or another.

      Suso instead of Sahin perhaps?

      the only other obvious question is it Assaidi, Yesil, Morgan or Downing

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      • Yes, they are my dilemnas too. I think I would definitely leave Yesil on the bench right now but keep him ready and not sure would have Morgan involved either, I think a 3 month loan is the answer for him.
        I am assuming Enrique is not fit again like last night. Perhaps though he is being protected for the weekend but I doubt it. Downing is an option there too but I just thought Robinson had a very tidy match last night and would be a fitting carrot for the graft.

        Im sure BR is considering Wisdom at RB with Glen switching over too.

        Assaidi is a shoe in for me, Suso or Sahin is the other tough one, I got the impression from the line up that Suso was being saved for Norwich which is a dramatic change in stature, Sahin of course, would have caused selection concerns. At least we are having them for the right reason again now?!!