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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 30, 2012 08:41 Flag

    Terry guilty - 4 match ban....what a travesty

    There was me thinking a 'racial abuse' means just that, racial abuse.


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    • It does, yes. And a foul means a foul. And if you commit one foul you get one free kick given against you. If you commit more then one foul you get more than one free kick given against you. If you commit one instance of racial abuse you get a four match ban. If you commit multiple instances of racial abuse you get eight matches.

      Is that simple enough for people? If not, how do you cope with the idea that some fouls result in just free kicks, some fouls in penalties, some fouls in free kicks and yellow cards, some fouls in free kicks or penalties and red cards? I expect your brains must go into meltdown.


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      • The main problem I have with your foul examples is that racial abuse is a more serious offence than an unfair act by a player on the opposing team's player which is deemed to contravene the rule of the game.

        I think the fact that JT used a term considered as racial abuse once should be sufficient to incur the maximum sanction available - 8 match ban. For this reason, JT got off lightly imo.