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    Terry guilty - 4 match ban....what a travesty

    Suarez was found guilty and banned for 8 matches. Terry found guilty and banned for 4 matches. I smell racism in the judgement. If Suarez was British, maybe he would have been banned for 4 matches as well. How can the FA fight racism by being racist?

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    • Ok, let's ignore all the pathetic name-calling and extract from there the one claim to a statement of truth. You say no-one was more vocal than me about having Suarez drawn and quartered.

      This is entirely wrong. The very long and interminable arguments I got into were about the question of whether he did it or not. I was never terribly bothered about what his sentence was. I never once argued that he should have a sentence longer or bigger than the one he did. I doubt I ever even said I thought eight weeks was the right length. However I have often pointed to the Suarez report where it talks about sentencing guidelines. I have many times said what these guidelines are and pointed out that both Suarez and JT have been given sentences following them.

      By contrast there were a number of Liverpool fans who said that if Suaz was found guilty he shouldn't play for Liverpool again. That is a great deal more than I have believed and far beyond anything I have said.

      If you want to dispute this, yahoo has thousands of posts of mine you can trawl through. If, however, you are simply the name-calling little troll that you appear to be and come back with another bunch of abuse then you won't get a reply from me.


    • You really are a tad gutless aint ya bob? The two supposed offenses carried wildly different punishments ( and no one on planet earth was more vocal than you wee bob about having Suarez drawn and quartered.) You really are a classic hypocrite. Cowardly and inconsistant in your biased one-sided statements.

      By the way , congrats to Fernando for coming good like we knew he was capable of. Never stopped cheering for the lad even if he does now play for a Russian embezzler/ gangster. He deserves better supporters than the likes of you.

      Right. Put on your rose coloured glasses and attempt to defend the foul stench hanging over the two wildly differing sentences for the two ( identical ) supposed offenses.



      Silly little man.

    • The maximum sanction available for Terry's offence is a four match ban. Read the Suarez report.

      You claim to be an Arsenal fan, Slayer. Tell us whether you think Frimpong should have had an eight match ban for his "scum yid" tweet.


    • Once again Terry gets off lightly..

      He should've got the same exact punishment Suarez got.

    • In terms of the Suarez and Terry penalties, same laws for both. Other people's ignorance is not my hypocrisy.


    • One law for Liverpool players........and one gentler easier powderpuff law for Chelsea players , huh robert?

      Hypocrite thou art.


    • You are completely convinced that Suarez bore no racist intent to Evra. You also can't be bothered to read the FA report.

      I have nothing more to say to you. It's a waste of my time.


    • Robert m...no not missing the point of the thread at all...as I stated previously u are an unreceptive audience but others on this board may see the point Im making that racism IS RACISM and what John Terry said to Anton Ferdinand cant be taken for anything other than RACISM...You F****** BLACK C*** ! cant see any alternative interpretation of the racist sentiment expressed by JT here can u ? If I wasnt completely convinced of the fact that what Louis Suarez amitted he said to Evra bore no racist intent I feel Id be ready to go along with SAF's suggestion that Liverpool FC should part company with the player btw had u not noted that Louis Suarez ISNT WHITE ?
      Do u actually think that automatic 3 match suspensions for a red card will rid the game of mistimed tackles ? Do u also feel that stiffer penalties for example minimum ban 20 games for any PROVEN incidents of racism on the part of players wouldnt get racism out of the game ? I doubt u will address those last two questions. btw I used to from time to time attend games at The Bridge when I lived in London in the days of Bonneti Harris Hutchinson Osgood Charlie Cooke Webb et al and never considered the Chelsea support to be quite as racist as that of West Ham or Millwall....er... er.....ZOOM !

    • Ah - still lecturing us on the Suarez case then? Still haven't read the FA Suarez report then? Still getting it completely wrong.

      And still missing the point of the post you are addressing.


    • Robert m....does it ever occur to u to go and post on u own clubs board ? Racism is RACISM end of. I have attempted to explain to the unreceptive audience that u clearly are that the term NEGRITO is NOT considered a racist term in Suarez's homeland of Uraguay and likewise in other Latin American nations ...he did not use the term NEGRO or N***** towards Evra whereas John Terry's exclamation towards Anton Ferdinand of ...You F****** BLACK
      C*** is clearly just about as racist as u can get in this country.
      You are NEVER no matter how severe the penalty for them ever going to wipe out mistimed tackles which are for me not the same as someone deliberately going OVER THE BALL...BUT u can if the penalty is severe enough at least hope to wipe racism out of our game so dont come back at me with...
      The FA rules clearly sate that blah blah blah....I feckin know they do!

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