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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Sep 28, 2012 22:19 Flag

    Not ALL Dippers Play their 'Victim' Card!


    Amazing article, the first ever honest Scouser in history!

    P.s. Cheers for the 3 Points!


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    • You gotta laugh. I've heard Valencia's feet were clipped, or that he was pushed in the back, and now it’s a phantom shirt pull evident in just one frame of TV footage, all to make utd supporters feel a little better about their lucky 3 points, and hide from the fact they were played off the pitch by 10 men.

      All I can say is so what is there was the most minor of contact. It is a contact sport, as Vidic, Rio or from Sunday Evans could tell you. Are you telling me they never even grazed a Liverpool player?

      But the question is, even if there was any contact whatsoever, was it nearly enough to bring the player down? You've seen the footage his legs just came out from under him as he fell to the ground. Do you really think a touch of his jersey would do that?

      Looking at that wonderful picture tells me Valencia was heading down a dead-end. Running out pitch, and seeing Reina block his angle on goal, so as soon as he felt a shadow behind him he took the opportunity to go down. It may not have been as blatant as the latest efforts from Welbeck, or so you don't think I'm picking on the mancs, Ivanovich and Oscar (what a convenient name!) but it’s hard to say he did not make like a swan and dive.

    • Weren't you the boy who came on here last year to tell us how Utd had wrapped up another premiership title?

      :-) x