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    What a wonderful display by the boys in Red and Luis Suarez. For the first time in quite a while it was a pure delight watching the lads tear the opposition to shreds, cant wait for our next home games against Stoke and Reading. And if Luis shows half the potency he showed today then come end of season he will definitely be challenging for the Golden Boot.

    Well done lads. "Too good to go down".... heck yeah!

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    • Gary S - I think the expression you needed was 'stereotypical' - no need for the tautology you incoherent neanderthal!

      'Lack of intelligentsl' .........you really couldn't make that one up, I'm choking on the irony right now.

      There's a new Teletubbies video out soon apparently, that's more on your intellectual level as proven by your ridiculous English, now p!ss off and let the grown ups talk!!

    • jason...yes mate this guy is a very sick puppy I think the best advice I can offer our board posters on this creep is avoid him like the plague just hit the ignore button. Me and dsteer have our differences of opinion on one or two subjects from time to time but thats what the boards all about gives it a bit of vitality and I do read all of Daves posts actually and theres no question in my mind that hes a passionate LFC supporter.
      People like this Gary S characterlike I said in my other post...Whoa !!! Lets all just ignore the creep and maybe he will eventually go away.

    • Hey Colin,

      It's a shame he even chimed in and the theme of this post was affected, because it was a nice one about a well deserved 3 points and wonderful performance by a team that is rapidly taking it's shape..

      Having said that, I'm not sure where he came from or who he supports, but to have said it's a shame I wasn't at Hillsborough that day is beyond comprehension for anyone who isn't mentally ill. I shouldn't have stooped to his level, which is obviously well below the standard of a sick person..

      But, the one thing I did forget to mention to our gramatically challenged friend, is that when he said typical supporter who probably hasn't even been to Anfield to Loki, and he claims to be a "football fan" (in general).. Well then in that case, unless he's been to the Camp Nou, Bernabeau, San Siro, Stadio San Paulo, Estadio do Maracana, and other cathedrals of "football", then he can't qualify as a fan of the sport..

      Just using his logic there, and from now on that's the statement that will be made for any moron who uses that "never been to Anfield" comment..

      But, we're lowering our INTELLIGENCE talking about that dope. On to better things with eyes on a big match midweek, and all the young lads mixing so well with the senior players and really playing some stylish stuff..

    • jASON...enjoyed u 'digression' where this numpty Gary S is concerned but would just like to add a little to u Grammar 101 for him....he should have used the term sereotypical rather than stereotype....he claims to not be aUniTURD fan so evidently he isnt a refugee from their board. At least with some of them u can have a bit of fun via their banter but this character...as they say in The States....Whoa !!!

    • That's ok, because at that time I was only 8 years
      old.. but to say something like that is actually brilliant from a "football fan".. it's the type of thing I'd expect 9/10 times to come from a Man Utd supporter not named Ralph..

      So, I suppose in retrospect it is disgusting and shameful, but my only response would be, outside of having a keyboard at his fingertips, Gary S is nothing but a fly on my windshield.. I'm nearly half his age, twice as intelligent and if I was willing to be a completely pric.k, I'd offer up to share what we call W-2's, aka paychecks..

      One person works extremely hard as a fairly young adult hoping to contribute this world, the other, a disgusting human being who if lit on fire would deserve to burn while others laughed.. Sad existence if you ask me, and for the record, I am coming back to the UK by years end so any of this can be discussed 1-1 since I know the train took me about 30 minutes to that barren, boring, dark, lifeless city.. Then again, that's me generalizing easily like he just wished death upon me..

      You fcuking disgusting piece of garbage waste of space and waste of life on this planet.. You should do yourself a favor for yourself and not us, and take one of life's easy options out..

    • Pot ... kettle ...
      What a sad excuse for a human being you must be to make a sick comment like that.

    • It's a pity your weren't at hillsbourgh

    • Oh, and I forgot to include this in my previous comment since another of your insults involved "smarts"

      "Your a typical stereotype Liverpool fan who most probably never been close to anfield your in the same league as the scum that taunt other fans about disasters you only spit vile comments through lack of intelligentsl"

      It's "You're" and "INTELLIGENCE" .... So talk about a lack of "INTELLIGENCE". (Also could have used some commas and periods in that run on sentence, but I suppose your supreme INTELLIGENCE kept you out of proper educational systems where you may have learned about grammar.)

      And I digress...

    • Not sure if that was directed at Loki or myself, but that statement is sooooo OLD and irrelevant about fans who have or have not attended a game.. What has that got to do with supporting your club? Do you know anyone's financial position, or health or any other factor that may play a part in not being able to attend?

      And again, not knowing if it was towards me or Loki and again completely IRRELEVANT, but I'm from NY and live in the states and have attended a Liverpool match at Anfield, a Europa.. does that make me better than someone else then?

      Lastly, hurling the continuous comment about the things that have gone on these past seasons regarding fans, and unfortunate non football controversies, is just an ignorant stereotype lumping the few with the many..

      But if it makes you feel better, yes, every Liverpool supporter across the world is racist, which actually makes it bizarre that they could be "supporters" since the team has Black, Spanish, South American, Turkish, Slovakian, German, Danish, Italian, British and even American in the squad and set up..

      Wrap your hands around that concept fella..

    • Your a typical stereotype Liverpool fan who most probably never been close to anfield your in the same league as the scum that taunt other fans about disasters you only spit vile comments through lack of intelligentsl

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