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    Team to face Udinese?

    What a great performance at Norwich, a few defensive lapses but at last a first league win that reflects our improvement in play and keeps the momentum going from the good cup form and a good reaction to the undeserved defeat by United. Makes team selection a lot harder as we arent sure who we want to save for the weekend now! Jonjo isnt banned from europe so he seems a shoe in plus it looks as though Joe Cole may be in line for a look in too.


    Subs: Gulacsi, Robinson, Wilson, Allen, Borini, Suso, Sterling

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    • To be quite honest, I've thought about January scenario already because even for the most negative supporter, you'd have to be blind not to see how much this team has improved, adjusted, and built an understanding of Rodgersy system which at times has been absolutely stunning stuff.. I read we had 700 passes vs Norwich and somewhere around 350 in their half.. So we're only getting started/better..

      Back to Borini let's hope if he starts it is central and presumably it's the obvious that Assaidi starts wide.. I agree that he's probably had too much to do / think, and when you play like that in any sport, you don't do well..

      Also, since you hadn't mentioned Yesil, he's got the goods and if we can get both confident, perfectly fit and fighting for a place, we'll have 3 very good options, and IMO we should let the Andy situation alone and move forward..

      So we may only dip into the market for very little, and in this instance the irony is we actually think it's not the worst thing, especially after the tempertantrums over August 31st..

      I'd still think a striker of some sorts, even if an older, experienced one on the financially sound, or a Dimaio.. and then LB. Other than that, maybe a hybrid winger/striker like Gaston Ramirez was.. (maybe he'll be so far down the table by then he'll realize what an idiot his agent was, and he made such a poor decision and hands in a transfer) Already got a goal and assist in 2 starts..

      But overall, I'm thrilled with this squad and how things are progressing. Aside from Borini and Yesil, Pacheco may have found his nitch as that off the striker role to score some, and perhaps we see Ngoo.. Exciting stuff..

    • I think he will start through the middle on Thursday, I hope he comes good soon, he is definitely a bit of a worry at the moment. I think its just the 'trying too hard' sitaution, I think he will settle down. I tell you what though, if he does start lashing them in perhaps we will stop talking about January with the kids all getting every other position sorted out! Really looking forward to seeing more of Assaidi, he looks a really tricky customer, he could be a real steal.

    • Can Shelvey play the Europa League or was the 3 match ban universal? If so he plays in my book. That way he'll stay sharp and add some quality.

      Full backs are a dilema for me. Wisdom deserves every game he can get at the moment but is it worth holding him back for Stoke at the weekend?

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      • I forgot that Henderson even existed so i would probably start him the middle and save Sahin. the red card is domestic only so he has just the weekends game to miss then is back, has to be a no brainer for him to start the Udinese game I suppose. Perhaps I have overlooked Yesil as well who may get a look in.

        I dont know about resting Wisdom, I think its a good shout to start both him and Enrique and see who plays well and recovers for the weekend, there is always Robinson to deputise as well, loving how Rodgers has got everyone involved.