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  • John John Oct 1, 2012 20:04 Flag

    david villa

    seems he was coming liverpools way in the summer but his injury scuppered the move but rumour has it and i do mean rumour is that he has been talking up a move to liverpool in january i have read this in various reputable sources links below


    o what do you think would this 30 year old suit our style of play or is he past it and what about that injury is he gonna be another cisse whose leg will break at the first sniff of a hard tackle

    YNWA JFT96

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    • Villa still is a quality player.. He's a finisher. What finisher have we got at LFC?

      My main concern is his wages would be too hard for FSG to swallow..

    • No way would he have signed for Liverpool maybe on Fifa manager

    • Well you never see this stuff on Sky Sports News or Eurosport but Caught offside runs stories on Villa, Huntelaar and Llorente every couple of days, any 1 of them would be delightful!
      I have a feeling Arsenal could be interested in a forward although they must be planning on persisting with Giroud, Spurs will be interested too, because they always are. I doubt United or City would be looking at either without offloading someone.

      getting back to the point, when it comes to Villa, at 30 he has already won CL, La liga, World Cup, Euros, Kings cup, La liga cup so hes pretty well off that way. He wont be moving to Madrid and I doubt the Italians could afford him or excite him. England seems the most likely location and I guess if we improve our position and continue to progress he may well be interested.

      Barca have been playing Messi up top for a long time and Tello, Sanchez, Pedro seem to be preffered in the wider positions so its not impossible. Would he be any good? No question at all for me, the guy is just awesome, I think he would adapt easily and I just hope it could be real!

    • Out of Villa, Sturridge, Walcott, Bent, Demba ba, Huntelarr all strikers we're being linked with, who would we most want and link up with our forewood players best??


    • I'm not sure the owners would sanction such a move. Not sure what his contact situation is like, but its likely to be a hefty transfer fee and very large wages. Yes he's a proven quality player, but not in England, and at his age it would be his last major move.

      But from what we've seen not sure BR would go for it also. Yes he's got the right style of play, being able to go wide or down the centre, but he seems to prefer young players he can mold rather than the finished article.

      I actually wonder if we might see the dusting off of other targets that were rumored over the summer. Sturidge is not getting much playing time, although I think he might have some injury issues, but even if fit is he likely to get a starting slot right now? The other is Walcott who despite kind words from Wenger does not seem to be in favor and if a contract is not signed by December is going to be in play one way or another come January.